Drinks marketing can sometimes get very competitive and these Bar promotional ideas are bound to step it up a notch for your brand.

An LED is a semiconductor light source that emits light when current flows through it. So what this does is it makes your product look like it is shining light from within. This makes your promotional product a lot more catchy and appealing. It also brings your promotion to life in the sense that it draws more attention.

Using LED promotional items can help brighten the product and easily capture consumer attention. They’re perfect for bars because they make your brand more noticeable, especially in dark spaces.

LED lamps are also energy-efficient and longer-lasting in contrast with fluorescent lights.

Over the years, we have done tons of case studies on promotions done by Drinks companies and also shared some promotional gift ideas.

Here Are Some of Our Favourite LED Bar Promotional Ideas:

1. LED Ice Buckets

These ice buckets as seen in the picture was a branded promotional merchandise done by Johnie Walker. This is genius because ice buckets are almost always used in most bars and people can be reminded of your brand as they douse their drinks in ice, waiting for them to chill.

Also, because of the LED function, it is easily visible from across the room and helps increase brand awareness. Definitely a great marketing technique.

Bar Promotional Ideas-LED Ice Bucket

Bar Promotional Ideas-LED Ice Bucket

2. LED Napkin Holder

One of the most amazing things about this Napkin holder is that it comes with a bottle holder so it is a 2 in one package. Napkin holders are useful because they are placed on tables in bars, pubs, and diners. With this, customers can pick a serviette and use it to hold their bottles while your brand is being indirectly advertised. It really doesn’t get more amazing than this.

Product Code is ODM-3001

Bar Promotional Ideas-LED Napkin Holder

Bar Promotional Ideas-LED Napkin Holder

3. LED Signs

Promotional LED signs are a great advertising idea in most bars. The vibrant lights can help your customers locate your store amidst the crowd. As an interior decorative piece, the LED signs can also create the ambiance that your want for your business establishment. If you like this idea, do not hesitate to contact our team with product code ODM-1664.

Bar Promotional Ideas - LED Signs

Bar Promotional Ideas – LED Signs

4. Custom LED Lights

Depending on the interior decoration of the bar, custom LED lights can be a fantastic choice. Most bars are dark with low, dim lighting so these lights will not only fit right in, they will also stand out in a way that complements your brand. They can also be customized into whatever shape or style you like that is right in sync with your brand. They are the kind of lights that show off your brand.

Bar Promotional Ideas- Custom LED lights

Bar Promotional Ideas- Custom LED lights

Do you like this promotional idea for venue and bar marketing? If so, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team and quote product code ODM-2713.

5. LED Lightbox display

Most bars have a wall where they display either darts, signs, arts or whatever suits their fancy. LED signs are a great way to go because as we have already mentioned, lights like these make the best appearance in dim places. Another advantage of these is that they can be customized any way you want them to. They can have the colours you want or say what you would like. You can make it your brand name or logo or any image that is familiar with your brand. Either way, it is perfect for advertising your brand.

As seen in the picture below, LED lightbox displays can help position your brand and give it better visibility.

Bar Promotional Ideas- LED Lightbox Display

Bar Promotional Ideas- LED Lightbox Display

6. LED Projector Cups and Ice Cubes

After drinks, cups and ice cubes are the next most popular item in a club. These LED cups are definitely a game-changer. They can come in any colour you would like, you can pick one or do a variety. There is every likely possibility that this would get customers to notice your brand because not only are they catchy, they are fun. It is the kind of cups that people talk about for days after they have left the bar. This is the kind of promotion that earns an unsolicited referral. If you like this product, send us an inquiry for product code ODM-2086.

Bar Promotional Ideas- LED Projecting Cups

Bar Promotional Ideas- LED Projecting Cups

7. LED Ice Cubes

Just like the cups, these ice cubes are absolutely phenomenal. Because they would be in use all through the night. You can easily add in the company’s logo or customize it to your exact preference. People are used to ice cubes being a clear colour so this would most definitely illuminate drinks the whole night and attract attention. People always patronize brands that they remember.

The LED ice cubes include batteries inside the cubes which last from 8-20 hours. The items include CE & ROHS certifications which makes it safe to be used according to EU standards. The ice cube itself is made from a food-grade PP material which also makes it safe to include in drinks.

Bar Promotional Ideas- LED Ice Cubes

Bar Promotional Ideas- LED Ice Cubes

8. LED coasters

What is a bar without drink coasters? If you’re looking to make your brand presence known in a bar or pub, branded coasters are definitely the way to go. This is because they will always come in handy and there would always be a use for them. Aside from their relevance in bars, this can also be used as a promotional gift for those in your target audience who like to drink in style.

These coasters are branded with the brand name as seen in the picture below. Coasters have been proven for their usefulness in preventing condensation dripping on to and scratching surfaces.

Bar Promotional Ideas- LED Coasters

Bar Promotional Ideas- LED Coasters

Imagine a branded, LED coaster. When they take their drinks off the coaster, all they see is your brand name which is etched in their subconscious. This would help with brand retention because you almost never really forget something that stood out to you and captured your attention. The light around the coaster is enough to pique anybody’s interest and drive impulse buys of your brand’s products. Because this sends a message to the minds of your audience that you are a brand that is worthy of their coins.

Illuminate your drinks with a promotional LED Coaster. Product Code is ODM-1792.

9. LED clocks

Clocks are almost a necessity as more often than not, people would always steal glances at it. (More out of reflex than an actual desire to tell the time)

The LED clocks can be branded and customised in a way that properly represents your brand. In a crowded bar full of plenty drink options, your brand is bound to stand out with these LED clocks and signs. To learn more about how we can help in customizing LED clocks and signs for business, then contact our team with product code ODM-1803.

Bar Promotional Ideas - LED Clocks and Signs

Bar Promotional Ideas – LED Clocks and Signs

10. LED Bottle glorifier.

A bottle glorifier basically highlights your brand bottle. It is a display that is designed to fit on a bottle, typically with a cut-out area to hold the bottle in position. They are a brilliant way to augment your promotion because they always attract attention to the bottle. With an LED bottle glorifier, you are able to attract more attention to your brand and it is definitely bound to influence purchasing decisions of people that come in contact with it.

Looking for new ways of presenting your products? - Check out this amazing Point of Sale: LED Bottle Glorifier

Bar promotional ideas: LED Bottle Glorifier

LED Bottle Glorifiers make great POS displays to illuminate your product!

This another example of an innovative bottle glorifier. This LED bottle glorifier light is battery operated and pressure-activated, meaning, it will only light up when the bottle is placed on the base. As such, this one is power-saving. Product Code is ODM-2788.

Bar Promotional Ideas - LED Bottle Glorifier

Bar Promotional Ideas – LED Bottle Glorifier

To sum up,

Adding LED to any promotional bar product takes it from normal to extraordinary. It is the extra boost that your brand probably needs. Whichever way you decide to incorporate into your promotion, it is bound to stand out. It always does.

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Aren't LED lights harmful for the eyes?

Thus far, there is no true, strong study to show either way that blue light from LED is harmful or beneficial.

Will using LED lights help to increase my sales?

They are definitely eye-catching that's for sure. Together with your other marketing and advertising, they will certainly make your bar stand out and attract attention!