Bottle glorifiers are a brilliant way to augment your drinks promotions. They are designed to highlight liquor brands, attract people over to their display, and ultimately push sales. We have posted different custom bottle glorifiers here in our website and each one of them is unique in its own way. Because it is important to wow your clients the first time, there is always a constant need to innovate. What better way to impress your customers and clients than with these pressure activated bottle glorifier light?

Bottle Glorifier Light

Bottle Glorifier Light

This bottle glorifier display is different from the previous ones we have shared here because it is pressure activated. Put the bottle on top of the disc and see it light up. That is how easy it is to operate!


Features of Pressure Bottle Glorifier Light

  • The body is made out of polyresin but can also be made with other suitable materials
  • Pressure activated
  • Measures approximately 12 cm in diameter and 3 cm in height
Bottle Glorifier Light

Bottle Glorifier Light


Application of Pressure Bottle Glorifier Light

  • Bar and Restaurant Marketing
  • Trade Show Marketing
  • In-Store Marketing
  • Events
  • Home Decor
  • Table Center Piece



  • Visibility – Perfect for pubs, these bottle glorifiers can increase your brand visibility even in dimly lit places. The lights add an interesting visual appeal that stands out in the dark. Therefore, you can be sure that customers will notice your products the moment they step into your store.
Bottle Glorifier Light

Bottle Glorifier Light

  • Stimulate Sales – Grab customers attention with these LED lighted glorifiers! When it lights up people are compelled to look which ultimately encourages them to make the purchase. This is an effective way to strengthen your shelf marketing without going over the top.
  • Upholds Reputation – Incorporating lights into your displays gives the bottles a magical vibe, ultimately making the bottles look high-end.
Bottle Glorifier Light

Bottle Glorifier Light

  • Brand Recognition – When something catches our eyes, it stays on top of our mind. That is why bottle glorifiers are effective in creating lasting positive impressions among customers. In addition, the vibrant colors and eye-catching light can help distinguish your brand from competition.

Our key takeaways…

Visibility is one of the advantages of using a bottle glorifier light. Not only does it add an interesting visual appeal, but it also improves customer shopping experience. They are fun and entertaining to look at but more importantly, such POS displays uphold brand reputation.

So if you are interested in this product, send us an inquiry and reference product code 2788 to get a quote. Our merchadisers work hand in hand with our product designers at Mindsparkz to ensure that your merchandise are done according to your requirements.

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