Johnnie Walker‘s custom POP display is an excellent example of an effective point of sale marketing. As seen in the picture, the whiskey brand has also incorporated a bottle glorifier display into their POS display unit. Doing so helped them accentuate what is good about their products and ultimately pull in more people to their display.

Bottle Glorifier Display

Bottle Glorifier Display

So, what sets Johnnie walker’s bottle glorifier display apart?

What We Learned from Johnnie Walker’s Bottle Glorifier Display

  • Branded Custom Bottle Glorifier: Upon closer inspection Johnnie Walker’s bottle glorifier resembles a podium with spotlights on either side. As the podium symbolizes achievements and competition, the brand is sending a powerful message. Customers will eventually be primed to think that the brand is the number one whiskey brand. It was because the little details direct your attention towards the bottle.
  • Lighted Backdrop: This Johnnie Walker Blue Label whiskey is a limited-edition product. The lighted advert at the back conveyed this message clearly. Aside from the fact that “limited-edition” was written on it, the overall design, color, and lighting gave off a feeling of exclusivity. This is important because it ignites people’s fear of missing out.
Bottle Glorifier Display

Bottle Glorifier Display

  • Well-Lit POP Display: The whole point of sale display is well-lit. The bottle glorifier, with two tiny lights on either side highlighted the product very well. In addition, shelves, the backdrop and the advert in front of the display were illuminated for a high-end ambiance. Great visual merchandising can be your ticket to
  • Exclusive POS Display Unit: While showcasing your drinks in a gondola display may  be cost-effective, having your own free standing display or point of purchase display can benefit your brand in many ways. Johnnie Walker did a great job promoting their limited-edition Blue Label whiskey by using a custom POS display reflects their brand.

With so many whiskey brands in the market today, it is becoming more difficult to get ahead of the pack. That is why it is important to always update your custom in-store displays to remain attractive to customers. Johnnie Walker recognized that adding relevant elements to your marketing mix could definitely make your brand more exciting and engaging. Here’s what we learned from the brand:


Possible Improvements

Here are some ways to improve your own alcoholic beverage promotions.

  • Make Your Display Relevant: How can you make your own bottle glorifier relevant? Take advantage of special holidays, get inspiration from sports, or create a theme and base your designs around the theme. This way, your display is more targeted and attention grabbing. The below blog lists some of our favorite unique and retro bottle glorifier design ideas to help you get the attention of your customers.


  • Incorporate Lights: Surprise your customers with mesmerizing lights. Speak with a professional POS display designer to make sure that the lights used are energy efficient and the colors are suitable for the bottles. This will help highlight and distinguish your products from other brands.


  • Drive Impulse Purchase: One way to drive impulse purchase is to make your display interactive. There should be a free flow of information between the consumers and the brand. For instance, offering free tastes or small bottled samples so that customers may know how different this product is from your other line of products. Likewise, you can add some marketing tools that will help gather relevant information about your clients’s preferences to help you better improve your next promotion. One good example is NARS interactive point of sale display:


In a Nutshell…

Marketing drinks can be very challenging. With so many brands competing for sales and customers’ attention, it is crucial to present your products in a distinctive way. And Johnnie Walker recognized that the use of a bottle glorifier display is one good way to build rapport and connect with customers from the moment they step into your store.

So, if you’re interested in having your very own bottle glorifier display, don’t hesitate to speak with The ODM Group today. We specialize in sourcing, designing, and manufacturing promotional products and other marketing tools such as POS displays and branded customer giveaways.

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