You’ve seen how a Bottle Glorifier can promote your brand, and help to enhance company’s POS in our last post. Now, we are back with something extra – Bottle Glorifier with a touch of creativity and a ‘Retro’ Style.

Bottle from 'a Bucket of Ice'

Special designs like this will capture all the attention you want. Make your bottle stand out from the crowd. Choose something unique and surprise your customers.

Stainless Steel Bottle Glorifier

This Stainless Steel Bottle Glorifier is also very attractive. Its sleek and elegant design is perfect for those looking for something simple yet outstanding.

Polyresin Bottle Glorifier

Present your bottle with a coconut underneath! This special design is able to help raise awareness and promote the brand. Excellent marketing strategy especially for new product launch. Made of polyresin, you can customized it to any shape you want, matching your marketing messages.

Classic Bottle Glorifier

Opting for a classic feel? How about this retro style bottle glorifier to light up your bottle. Nothing fancy and exaggerating, this design is able to bring back those fond memories of the good old days. Wonderful display at company’s anniversaries celebrations.

Wood Double Bottle Glorifier

Another vintage style glorifier for your brand. A good way to showcase 2 bottles side by side at a time. Logo or marketing messages can be printed/ embossed/ carved onto the wooden surface.

Spirits companies looking for something extraordinary as a POS Display or Promo Gift? Let us know and we will be happy to help with the brainstorming!

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