With many people passionate about sports, many sports have huge followings. For example, Soccer is the most popular sport and has a following of 4 Billion globally, while coming in second is Cricket with 2.5 million fans in just the UK and in the Commonwealth Countries alone. With ever-growing popularity, brands should leverage on the increasing traction to build their image. Here is an example to fuel your sports marketing ideas!

Sports Marketing Ideas

Sports Marketing Ideas

About this Bottle Glorifier

Chivas Regal‘s bottle glorifier/POS Display Units wows us in many odd ways. The use of Red and Black not only stands out but also matches Manchester United’s kit colours. Brands usually go for a more premium, warm feel when marketing their beverages, thus the use of red, black, and lights definitely helps both the bold bottle glorifier and POS stand out!

The LED poster was also a great addition to their custom POS display. It suits Chivas Regal’s brand motto, “Success is a Blend.” We’ve also noticed that they had incorporated a custom shelf talker to augment their current promotion.

Brand Leverage

Manchester United has the best social media presence in the Premier League. Here are the numbers, 72m fans on Facebook, 19.2m followers on Twitter, and 28.3m followers on Instagram, proving that Manchester United has a huge social media presence. Even their Youtube Channel has amassed a whopping 1.6 m subscribers. This has translated to their shirt sales. Manchester United are second in the world for the most amount of shirt sold, averaging close to 1.9m shirts yearly. With a proven business track record, forming a collaboration with the club might prove to be a wise decision as brands would be able to hold sports promos which tap into the brand’s following to market their products and convert sales.

Being able to leverage on the Club’s popularity not only increases your brand exposure but also helps customers relate your brand with something they are passionate about. This increases the chances of a new customer buying your product, as although they have no experience with your product they already feel they are able to relate to your brand.


Sports Marketing Ideas

Sports Marketing Ideas

Diversity of Possibilities for your Sports Marketing Ideas

There are many ways to execute your sports marketing ideas and leverage on sports. Besides Bottle Glorifiers, this can also be done with a sports GWP promos, on pack promos, promotional sports bottles, custom sports towels, and even themed free standing display units. This can be a mere collab or even custom products to suit huge events. For example, Pepsi created a custom sports cups in on-pack promos in lieu of the Massive NFL Superbowl!

However, not all collaborations have to be massive and extravagant. Collaborations can be simple, yet detailed enough to covey the intended message.  A good example would be this Oreo-Cadbury Collab.

Sports Marketing Ideas

Sports Marketing Ideas

Using sports as part of your marketing is always a good idea, as it is something people are passionate about and can relate to. There are always going to be a sporting event held, as such, it is easy to create and update relevant promotions.


How Can ODM Help

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