Check out these cute little free gift merchandise by SingTel and We Bare Bears. Tote bags, pouch bags, and currency pouches are to be given away for free for every $15/$38 hi! sim card bought. We spotted this at a 7-11 store in Singapore.

Free Gift Merchandise

Free Gift Merchandise

Brand collaboration is an effective way to gain more attention to your products. Working with brands that have a huge fan base can definitely give your brand the boost it needs. In this example, SingTel, a large communications company in Singapore, leveraged on the popularity of We Bare Bears in hopes to motivate more people to buy their products. This is a smart strategy considering the TV program and SingTel have solid following individually.

Moreover, gifts with purchase are a great way to get customers to visit your store. Here’s why SingTel and We Bare Bear’s promotional strategy is a smart move.


Why These Free Gift Merchandise Are Effective Promotional Items?

  • Branded Tote Bag: Bags are a fantastic promotional gwp because not only are they brandable but the practical as well. As seen in the custom promotional bag is nicely printed with cute cartoon characters from We Bare Bears, which means good brand placement.  This is perfect for school, work, and shopping on a regular basis. Thus, gaining the brand everyday exposure. When it comes to promoting your brand, tote bags are among the number one gwp choice by marketing managers. Here’s why:
  • Coin Purse: Simple yet functional, make great promotional giveaway products for business. As they are small and easy to carry around, customers will love to use them every day. They can use it to keep their coins, keys, and other little items, thus keeping their bags organized. We also love how the coin purse were made in the shape of the We Bare Bears characters. This allows for better brand remembrance and exposure. We found a similar style from our archive. In this example, Sanrio had created a Hello Kitty purse. Not only does it resemble the head of the beloved Sanrio character, but the name was also embroidered on the back.
  • Branded Pouch Bag: Perfect as pencil case, toiletry bag, and coin purse, this pouch bag is something customers will be proud to have. It’s an all-around product that they can use at school and at work. Because it’s an exclusive offer, it motivates people to buy from them just to get the products for free. The limited-edition factor increments the value of the main selling product as well as the revenue of the brand.


Effective Product Placement

The use of promotional posters has made the promotion easier to understand. Moreover, the posters are cost-effective so this allows them to gain tremendous advertising benefits while keeping their budget at a minimum. Moreover, placing them at the store doors is a smart merchandising idea because this allows the shop to advertise to more potential clients, thus increasing conversions.

Free Gift Merchandise

Free Gift Merchandise


Simple, yet effective, this promotion by SingTel and We Bare Bears proves that offering branded gift merchandise is a surefire way to generate sales and stimulate conversion. Offering branded gifts with purchase also makes shoppers feel that it’s worth the money they spend. They feel rewarded by receiving such gifts. And, as a result, they would want to give back by supporting their brand.

If you want to create meaningful free gift merchandise for your business, feel free to contact The ODM Group. We have vast experience in the promotional product industry. Our team can assist you in creating custom promotional merchandise for business promotions and retail. We also specialize in designing, sourcing, and manufacturing POS display units for just about any industry.

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