With so many different products vying for customers’ attention, marketing beer can be a bit challenging. So how do you keep your customers interested and invested in your brand?

One of the best ways to spice up your beer marketing is through gift redemption. Branded merchandise that are useful appeals to people. Take for example Carlsberg’s current gift redemption promo.

Marketing Beer

Marketing Beer

Carlsberg is offering a host of promotional gifts such as a scooter, a portable wireless speaker, and a wireless charger. We spotted the ad posted on a window, which is a smart move since it attracts passersby to check the poster out.

Marketing Beer

Marketing Beer

When we scanned the QR code, we were brought to a document that contains the mechanics. Customers are encouraged to collect the crown corks of any bottle of Carlsberg Smooth Draught, Carlsberg, Carlsberg Light and Carlsberg Alcohol Free Beer at Restaurants and Bars in Hong Kong from now till 13th Aug 2020 to redeem these exciting prizes:

  • Smooth scooter (50 pieces) – present 300 pieces of crowns
Marketing Beer

Marketing Beer – Branded Scooter

The branded scooter is applicable for height 1.45m to 1.95 m, 100kg max. This is a simple and fast transportation idea for short distance travels.


  • Folding telescopic fan (150 pieces) – for 150 pieces of crowns
Marketing Beer

Marketing Beer – Portable Fan

The fan is USB rechargeable and it can be rotated, folded and stretched into a stand or floor fan! It has three-speed wind speed adjustment, and has a built-in nano spray humidification function and LED light. The branded fan can function 4-20 hours after charging. Most importantly, it is portable and very easy to carry.


  • Portable wireless speaker (500 pieces) – 50 crowns

Supports line-in audio input and Bluetooth device connections. Customers can play music directly with their phone/tablet/TV pairing.


Marketing Beer

Marketing Beer


  • Wireless charger (1500 pieces) – 30 pieces

This supports Qi charging so it instantly begins charging once the phone is set on the charger. The charging pad includes an LED indicator that warns iPhone user if the phone is charging properly.


They can redeem a maximum of three premiums per single transaction.


Why these Pieces of Branded Merchandise are Ideal for Marketing Beer?

Smooth Scooter

Since this is small and lightweight, it can easily navigate narrow streets, just like bicycles. The scooter is branded with Carlsberg logo, effectively exposing the brand to everyone on the street. Not only do they make great redemption reward, but it would also make a fantastic street marketing idea for beer brand ambassadors.


Folding telescopic fan

Design and functionality are two of the selling points of this branded merchandise. What makes this portable fan a great promotional giveaway is that it answers a real need, which is, to beat the heat.

People will surely appreciate this gift because it is practical. Because it is something customers will use on a regular basis, it ensures longer brand exposure. Designed with convenience in mind, this product enhances brand experience.


Portable wireless speaker

Why is this an excellent beer marketing idea? Branded custom wireless speakers are quite popular these days. Because they are portable and wireless, they allow people to play music on-demand while also minimizing tripping hazards caused by tangled wires.

As a marketing gift, wireless speakers allow marketing managers to strategically position their brand. When used at parties, this could increase your brand exposure exponentially.


Wireless Charger

You might be thinking about how a branded wireless charger can help in marketing beer. Well, for one, chargers appeal to many people from all walks of life.

Marketing Beer

Marketing Beer

Wireless chargers also fall on the expensive spectrum. As such, offering something that has a high perceived value for free encourages customers to buy more just to get their hands on the redemption gifts.


How Carlsberg Gets It Right

Indeed, when it comes to marketing beer, gift redemption is a smart idea. It is engaging as well as effective in boosting sales and creating a memorable brand experience.

Carlsberg made sure to offer only the best custom promotional merchandise so that customers are not just satisfied, but will come back for more.


Do You Need Help?

Marketing beer should be fun and engaging. So, if you need assistance on how to do just that, then contact ODM today. We can help you design and source practical marketing gifts and high-end custom promotional giveaways for business. With years of experience in product deck creation, sourcing, and shipping, our team will walk you through the creative process all the way down to the production phase.

Do you want to see more product ideas? We have a vast collection of case studies on beer marketing and drinks promotions, so be sure to check some of our favorite articles!


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