Portable speakers have become the most popular way to play music aloud. Powerful and portable enough to be used in any situation, this custom wireless speaker will keep your brand fresh in the minds of customers.

Customising the product with your logo and brand colours will result in a fantastic giveaway item for trade shows or competitions, or a premium gift with purchase offering.

Think about how many people will be exposed to your brand in a positive light when these speakers are brought out at parties and other gatherings. Custom promotional products can do wonders for enhancing brand visibility and promoting a positive brand image.

Custom Wireless Speaker

Custom Wireless Speaker

Why we’re so into this custom wireless speaker:

  • Eye-catching design: The unique marble design will catch the attention of your audience and leave a positive lasting impression. An innovative printing method creates the marble and crystal look.


  • Portable: Wireless speakers are perfect for entertaining. This speaker can be used in a variety of settings, from parties to picnics or simply around the home.


  • User-friendly: With a large speaker panel and only four buttons, anybody can enjoy this product due to its simple interface.


  • Easy to set up: This custom wireless speaker pairs instantly with any Bluetooth enabled device – no cords or software necessary.


  • Branding opportunity: The large area on the top of the product is an ideal spot to print your custom logo. We can customise the marble design to match your business’ colours or produce it in neutral shades to make the logo stand out. For high-quality designs, speak with our Mindsparkz team.
Custom Wireless Speaker

Custom Wireless Speaker


What is brand activation?

Brand activation is a way to generate conversation about your business which translates to positive, long-lasting action. Examples include a branded giveaway, unique events or custom products such as this speaker. Brand activation forges a closer relationship with your customers and creates a sense of enthusiasm.

Gifting customers a high quality product that will be used regularly keeps your business fresh in their minds. Custom bluetooth speakers are a unique and effective way to reach your audience in a way that speaks to them.

Custom Wireless Speaker

Custom Wireless Speaker

ODM has extensive expertise in designing and customising wireless speakers. Interested in this product? Mention code 2384 and feel free to inquire about the matching power bank (product code: 2387); also sure to impress.


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