With workers always coming and out, how can the company retain higher employee loyalty? With so many products in the market, we have chosen 5 personalized employees gifts that can certainly improve workers morale. Furthermore, it will certainly induce positivity in regards to the company.

1. Personalized Bobblehead Figurines

A bobblehead of an employee is a great gift to showcase the appreciation for employee’s dedication as the item shows how much attentive and thoughtful the company is. Moreover, it can reassure employee that the company has faith in their abilities, hence indicating that they are highly valued. So it will certainly increase employee’s loyalty and work attitude. Below are some examples of promotional figurines that could be decorated on an employee’s desk to make things livelier!

Personalized Employees Gifts (2)

Personalized Employees Gifts – Bobblehead Figurines


2. Collapsible Flasks

Instead of a regular and typical mug from the pantry, a collapsible flask, designed with a coaster, will make it employees feel exceptionally connected to their workplace. Adding employee’s name can also make the flask one-of-a-kind. Companies could even consider giving a set of silicone collapsible cups and collapsible containers!

Personalized Employees Gifts (2)

Personalized Employees Gifts – Collapsible Flasks

3. 3-in-1 Retractable Charger Cable

As technology advances, there are so many types of electronic devices. And it is always so troublesome to bring out various types of wires catered to each specific one. Hence, a 3-in-1 retractable charger cable is a handy item to own. Moreover, like the customised earphones, both are retractable. It eliminates the need for wire wrap as there is no longer an issue faced with tangled wires!


Personalized Employees Gifts (2)

Personalized Employees Gifts – 3-in-1 Retractable Charger Cable


4. Glowing Alarm Clock with Aroma Humidifier

After a tiring day at work, everybody just wants to sleep. Likewise a promotional scented candle, an aromatic humidifier can certainly help to achieve better sleep quality as the senses are calmed. Moreover, the glowing alarm clock acts as a USB night lamp for people who are not used to sleeping in total darkness. Therefore, not only does it soothe the worn-out soul, but it also serves its purpose of waking the employee up for work the next day.

Personalized Employees Gifts (2)

Personalized Employees Gifts – Glowing Alarm Clock with Humidifier

5. Custom Powerbank

Nowadays owning a power bank is essential as we rely heavily on our phones as a form of communication etc. So being always prepared for low battery means a power bank has to be in your bag regardless. However, rummaging for it may be a hassle even if your bag has tons of stuff. Hence, what makes this custom power bank special is that it glows in the dark!

Personalized Employees Gifts (2)

Personalized Employees Gifts – Custom Powerbank

As it lights up, the logo of the company can easily be seen. Hence, it is easier to locate the power bank. A customized power bank with leather pouch and keychain can also be an option as the leather could be debossed or embossed!

Personalized Employees Gifts (2)

Personalized Employees Gifts (2)


Overall, the company has to put more thought into an employee’s gift as the amount of sincerity and effort can easily be felt. The higher-quality it is, the more the employee will reciprocate through additional hard work.

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To get a quote for the above-mentioned Personalized Employees Gifts don’t forget to cite product code:

  • Retractable 3-in-1 charger –1968,
  • Custom Powerbank – 2208
  • Glowing Alarm Clock with Aroma Humidifier – 2275
  • Personalized Bobblehead Figurines – 2306 and;
  • Collapsible Flasks – 2295


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