At the Hong Kong Houseware fair, silicone played a starring role due to silicone’s ability to withstand high heat and it’s ease for moulding. The collapsible silicone containers were an excellent example of this trend.

The advantages silicone rubber allows for space savings on the container

Containers utilize the natural properties of silicone to create a microwave and dishwasher safe containers which are also airtight. This ensures food stored is fresh and provides convenience to users due to multiple roles. In addition, the silicone container can collapse unto itself to create a smaller container for greater space savings. This allows for easy storage when not in use by customers.

The silicone containers also come in compartmentalized lunch boxes. These containers are completed with full sized forks and collapsible chopsticks allowing for a meal to be enjoyed on the go. When the meal is finished simply collapse the box for ease of carrying.

Promotional silicone lunchbox

promotional silicone lunch boxes allow for fast and easy meals anywhere

The useful properties of silicone and the ability to customize according to fine unique colors allows for these containers to make exceptional promotional products.

In addition, these silicone products can be customized with logos via etching, allowing for advertising and marketing benefits.  Try these for a gift with purchase campaign or even as corporate gifts for promotional events.

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