Diary brand Sustagen Malaysia is currently offering an of an on pack gift of a kids nourishment meal set with purchase of every Sustagen Junior 1+ milk formula as part of a marketing campaign to communicate to consumers the importance of food nutrition in children.

Consisting of a plastic dining set of 2 plates and a fork and spoon, it allows for consumers to enjoy a with ease.

The nourishment meal set comes with inviting designs of healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables and seafood in a sea of milk over a Sustagen logo.  With 4 designs, everyone wins as they can pick the set they wish.

Marketing wise, this helps build positive association on how Sustagen milk formula is an important part of the children’s diet. Consumers would also likely able choose Sustagen over other competitor’s milk formulas in the market. For long term benefit, consumers would also see the benefits of the Sustagen as the items is used repeatedly due to logo advertising.

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