A great way to beat the heat- and the competition

Spring & summer promotions are in full swing right now.   What better way to help your customers beat the heat than with a slushie maker?  A slushie is a flavored frozen drink, made with crushed ice in a wide variety of flavors.  Slushies can be alcoholic, carbonated or juice based to suit personal tastes.

No longer confined to shops, the home slushie maker allows regular people to make slushies by simply adding a combination of ice, syrup and salt to the machine and mixing. The slush can then be dispensed into a cup for your easy enjoyment. With the right ingredient mix, the slushie maker can make a wide variety of drinks, allowing for the drinks to be personalized to taste. This makes the slushie maker a great tabletop promotional product for beverage companies or companies seeking to stand out with a unique gift with purchase.

A promotional slushie maker also allows for logos to be printed onto the maker – meaning more advertising and marketing to be made.

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