Nescafé is a very popular instant coffee brand introduced under Nestlé umbrella. They dedicate themselves in making great tasting coffee beverages that customers can enjoy everyday. Throughout the years, it has been many people’s first choice coffee selection which has increased its brand reputation massively. Recently, it has offered customers a promo gift worth €100 which includes 2 coffee makers, one portable and the other one for normal use.

Promo gift by Nescafé in Spain

Promo gift by Nescafé in Spain

How will this promo gift help increase sales for Nescafé?

In this promotion, coffee makers are offered something very practical. It represent what Nescafé is: an instant coffee brand. Nowadays, companies should offer promotional items to their customers as it helps to get recognition as well as to make a good impression. This should be beneficial in advertising indirectly while potential clients receive these products. Brand awareness and recognition should be the main focus and goal and therefore, it is effectively achieved with the help of promotional items like this coffee maker, which really represents the brand itself.

To add, one of the main reasons of these promotional products is to display a thankful gesture towards the loyal clients and customers. Corporate gifts are also very helpful in attracting new clients and maintaining good public relations so that the client comes back to purchase products from the same brand.

Some words for our Spanish followers:

La famosa marca de Nescafé producida por Nestlé nos sorprende una vez más en el mercado del café, donde ésta vez nos presentan una oferta que equivale a 100 euros de compra. Esta oferta tiene que ver con dos cafeteras, una de ellas más pequeña y portable. Una vez más otra muestra de como se debe cuidar al cliente con la introducción de promociones como éstas.