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Marketing Gift – Crystal Eyewear Case for Fashion Industry

Marketing campaign will not be as successful without marketing gifts. A marketing gift has the power to boost sales and increase market share. A suitable product for the target audience will create a massive impact. Just take a look what a crystal spectacles case can do.

Marketing Gift - Crystal Eyewear Case

Marketing Gift – Crystal Eyewear Case

Eyewear used to function only as a tool to help ease imperfect eyesight. Recently, eyewear has been a product line of many fashion company. For instance, we have Guess Eyewear and Calvin Klein Eyewear.

For us in the fashion industry, we need to be sophisticated about our marketing gift. All we need to do is a small alteration to a standard product. Just like this crystal case.

An eyewear case is not a new product, but in the picture, it looks enticing! Get your design team to come out with great ideas. Alternatively, ODM’s in-house design team can assist to brainstorm for ideas.

Great Timing for Marketing Gifts

This marketing gift is great for product launch. Offer it as a gift with purchase for the new product line. This way, we add an exclusivity value to the crystal casing. Customers can get this classy case from you , and you only.

Exclusivity will drive the desire to own the product. This will trigger impulse purchase of the new product. Now we can spend lesser time convincing customers to get this product instead. Or we can even attract first-timer to give our product a try. This will definitely increase our market share.

It can also communicate our brand image. The classy design will attract the attention of the right target market. Curiosity will arise. Before you know it, they are out to find where they can get this product. This is why branding the product is so important.

Do not lose the chance of winning more market share through this marketing gift. Be sure that every single marketing gift used is branded with our logo or website. Whether the branding is going to be prominent or subtle, that is up to your brand image. Choose a more suitable method and just do it well.