The eyewear industry is booming which is why promotional eyewear merchandise is necessary for your brand! This blog will explore reasons why this custom case is the ideal product for brands in the optical, sports and travel industry. These cases can house products such as custom sunglasses, exclusive foldable sunglasses, wooden sunglasses, lifestyle sunglassesglowing eyeglasses and glasses with hidden micro cameras

Promotional Eyewear

Promotional Eyewear

Perks Of Promotional Eyewear

This case can be customized to your exact needs. There are two types of customers; people who wear prescription glasses and others who love sunglasses. If you want to change the product as a supplier of contact lenses, custom cases can be made for that too.

Design Flexibility – These cases can be made to fit a range of glasses, whether they are swimming goggles, for skiing, or other sports. The shape can be adjusted to fit certain items. This case can come in a range of shapes from oval, rectangular or triangular. The design possibilities are endless!

Brand Awareness – This promotional merchandise is great for outdoorsy people as a gift idea for people participating in a sports events, marathons and travellers. By customising the product with your brand name, it increases exclusivity as it is unique. This will also help spread awareness.

Promotional Eyewear

Promotional Eyewear


To Sum Up…

Promotional eyewear has existing demand which makes it a good area to tap into. Companies can provide free sunglasses as a qift with purchase of a case or the other way round by providing a free case after a purchase of sunglasses. What shape case would you pick? What type of design? Any added features such as a glasses cleaner? The product code for this item is 2733, please quote this number when contacting our China or Vietnam office. Our in-house design team Mindsparkz can help create innovative an fun ideas for brands to use.

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