Need inspiration for your next gift program to customers or employees? How about hidden/micro cameras from the HK Electronics Fair like these trendy Camera sunglasses. 

Similar to ordinary sunglasses, they protect your eyes while recording video and audio content for up to 3 hours. Record what you see and live, hands-free, with these lightweight camera sunglasses.

Fans of sports: share your adventures with your friends using these glasses. Show your exploits: skiing, hiking, rock climbing, sightseeing, etc… the number of potential use are endless…and without hassle.

Cap with integrated Camera

A great alternative to this item is the baseball cap with camera. Another fun gadget for all the James Bond fans.

The concept is the same except that, instead of sunglasses, the camera is conveniently located inside of a cap.

Both these products allow you to take video and pictures in secrecy.

Simply press a button to start recording your video or photos and the sunglasses do the rest without anyone around you noticing. A conveniently positioned slot in the arm of the glasses or behind the front of cap allow you to insert your own memory card for accrued recording time.  Due to their neutral outlook, these items are a great pick for either men or women.

Those are uniques gift ideas which can be used in an unlimited number of situations! Do not hesitate to contact us for more info and our team will happily provide you with additional details!

Which other items would you like to see from us with hidden cameras.   We could also offer pens, watches, and other accessories with these features.