Isotonic Sports Drink Pocari Sweat launches a new branded gift with purchase promotion in Hong Kong. If you’re into mobile photography then this on pack offer is definitely for you.  The brand offers a free mobile camera lens for every purchase of 2 bottles of Pocari Sweat. This great promotion for cameras is very portable because it attaches to the camera lens via a reusable sticky gel.

Mobile Lens as Promotion for Cameras

This small lens may not seem like it packs a punch, but this mobile lens brings a new level of creative element to your photos. The camera lens comes with a key ring for convenience and portability. Therefore, customers who love to take photos will surely love this promo gift.

The Lens cap gives a good logo positioning. Pocari Sweat’s logo can easily be spotted every time the customer uses the product. This serves as a good marketing move.

Using these lenses are pretty simple. Simply stick the jelly on the lens of the camera. Once it’s securely attached, you’re ready to fire up that camera and unleash your inner creativity. Below are some of the sample shots of the mobile lens. Actually, it has 4 special filters: mirage, sparkle, focus, and heart.

Why do we love these portable lenses as a promotion for cameras?

  • Trendy and useful – We love how this promotional gift offer takes on the creative side of every customer. Instead of the traditional marketing giveaway, Pocari’s mobile lens hits the right spot for people who are always on the go. Their portable lenses go pretty well with their products. In fact, it’s so good that I personally leave my bulky camera in lieu of these lenses. If you want to see other mobile lens designs, check out the sample from ODM below

Overall, we love how this promotional item complements the active lifestyle side of Pocari’s products. We highly recommend getting this for your brand’s marketing campaign.

If you want to know more about this item and other promotional products, feel free to contact ODM anytime. They are always ready to answer any of your marketing and manufacturing queries.

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