There are so many gadgets for iPhones & Smart Phones these days – at the recent gift and premium trade fair we spotted this very cool telephoto lens which gives your Iphone camera a magnification of up to eight times. Various models exist, indoor, outdoor and fisheye telephoto lens to name a few. On the picture below the model on the far right can be used for any mobile phone with a camera, whereas the other three models are designed specifically for iPhones.

telephoto lenses for smart phones

This device makes iPhones into more complete cameras. So many people snap pictures with their smart phones these days so here is a lens for your phone which will improve the quality of the picture – allowing you to zoom in and out without sacrificing as much resolution.

This is a great gift to give away with the purchase of new iPhone or smart phone in order to lure clients to buy new mobile devices.  Could also be a good gift to give for free to clients who buy photography equipment as a promotional gadget to have fun with.

Since most people now have camera phones pretty much any company can give this type item as a high end gift. See also a cheap promo lens on offed by Pocari.

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