Introducing a brilliant promotional product idea for mobile phones. The mobile wallet! This sleek silicone case sticks right on the back of any smart phone with a flat back. The example in the picture is for an Iphone. There is space for 3 cards, which can be your credit card, drivers license, or any type of card one wants to take out. The mobile wallet is great as it has many other simple features that make it not simply just a card holder. The protective case would protect your phone from scratches. The card holder allows easy swiping for transportation, hotel room or for any cards with a card sensing function. Business travellers are sure to appreciate this feature! Also the silicone case provides extra grip to ensure a more secure grip on your phone. This is particularly useful for those with sweaty palms.

Nowadays a minimalist approach is becoming very popular. People go out with the bare essentials as a way of minimalizing the risk of loss or theft or just simply to have easier and quicker access to their money or identification. Capitalise on this by offering the mobile wallet as  a promo gift.

Promotional Product The Mobile Wallet

Promotional Product The Mobile Wallet

The Benefits of The Mobile Wallet when used as a promotional product

With a branded mobile wallet a company can create a powerful promotional product for the following reasons.

  • Unisex – It appeals to both women and men meaning maximum use.
  • Constant exposure – Once it is stuck on to phone it’s out there for all to notice. Increases brand recognition and is a creative way of customizing  a functional product to carry out a role of brand exposure.
  • Cost/effect relationship – It simply offers maximum outreach at a low cost.
  • Multi-purpose– The mobile wallet can be offered in many ways. It could be used as an incentive to encourage a purchase as GWP or on-pack promotion. It could be free gift giveaway to promote exposure and a loyalty item for preferred customers.

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