You will be surprised to know how much promotion a custom silicone phone wallet can do for your product launch. Excellent brand positioning, practical value, and immense exposure are just some of the many benefits of this marketing gift idea. Small, and compact, but makes a big impact!

Launching a product is not an easy task. Every detail should be well-planned, including your promotional gifts. You want something that is useful but also trendy and long-lasting. After all, this will serve as a souvenir from your brand. So you want it to make a positive impression right from the start. And you can do that with a custom silicone phone wallet.

Custom Silicone Phone Wallet

Custom Silicone Phone Wallet

It is made of silicone and has an adhesive on the back, allowing phone users to attach it to their smartphone case with so much ease. What makes this different from other cardholders is that it has a holder for wireless earbuds.

Designed with convenience in mind. It can hold business, ATM, license, and credit cards, and earbuds so it eliminates the need to bring a wallet. But, how does it fare as a promotional gift?

We see this product being used for launching an app or a website since online payment platforms such as PayMe, Amazon Pay, and Paypal are a booming industry. Online banking, fitness, social media, and COVID 19-related apps will also benefit from this marketing gift idea.

How Do You Advertise with a Custom Silicone Phone Wallet?

Why Custom Silicone Phone Wallet for Product Launch

1. Gain Immense Brand Impression

A person spends an average of 3 hours and 15 minutes on their phones every day according to research conducted by RescueTime an app for iOS and Android that monitors cellphone use. This means any mobile advertising (whether online ads or accessories attached to the phone) will gain tremendous exposure 24/7. So, this is a great opportunity for brands to build awareness about their new products.


2. Make the Most Out of Your Marketing Budget

A custom silicone phone wallet is a low-cost marketing solution for any business size. It only costs around $0.10 a piece so this allows you to make bulk orders without breaking the bank.


3. Customize for a More Personalized Feel

A custom silicone phone wallet with your logo is a great way to get brands literally into the pockets of their customer. Since it is slim, it eliminates the uncomfy feeling that comes with bulky wallets. Furthermore, the colors can be Pantone-matched to make them look trendy and eye-catching.

It offers brands a wide range of design options so that the wallets have a more personalized feel. Customers are always looking for ways to stand out. And phone accessories have become an extension of their personal expression. As such, branded promotional products that are designed to suit their needs are always appreciated.


Custom Silicone Phone Wallet

Custom Silicone Phone Wallet


4. Multifunctional Products Are Ideal for Customers’ Fast-Paced Life

Imagine a phone accessory that works as a cardholder and an earbud holder in one compact product. Just attach the silicone wallet to the back of the phone and it is ready to use. Customers definitely love the convenience of having all their cards in one easy-access place.


5. Long-Lasting Remembrance from Your Brand

With daily use, a custom silicone phone wallet guarantees brands top-of-mind awareness. As silicone is an inexpensive and durable material, the wallet’s value and staying power increase over time. It is indeed a wonderful thank you gift for trade shows, corporate promotions, and retail marketing.


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