These mobile stands (commonly known as pop sockets) were a great hit at recent trade shows. Different phone companies and brands could sell as part of a promotion or marketing strategy. Cellphone accessories are big in the smartphone industry, this mobile phone stand could be a great promotional gift; offering an abundance of possibilities.

Custom Cell Phone Accessory

Custom Cell Phone Accessory

Why should we love custom cell phone accessory- mobile phone stands?

The pop sockets are a great asset to the phone because it is versatile. Enables you to mount your phone to your dashboard, mirror, refrigerator, bed post, wall, locker, etc… Furthermore, it allows your hand to relax while securely holding your phone – never drop your phone again from lost grip.

Custom Cell Phone Accessory

Custom Cell Phone Accessory

Here are some ways to use this mobile phone stand:

  • Use it as a standCan ‘pop’ the stand for easy use to watch videos, take group photos on self-timer or for other endless possibilities.
  • Easy grip while running: A common question while running is, ‘how to carry your phone?” as it can easily slip out of your hand. Mobile phone stand make holding your phone easier while you are doing various activities like running. You can even use a pop-clip and mount your phone on your bicycle, treadmill or other exercising equipment
  • Video calls: Easily mounting your phone on a laptop, allowing you to go hands-free so that you can multi-task. You can also use the stand so that you don’t have to hold it.
  • Using a phone on/ near wet surfaces: Keeping your phone near or on wet surfaces is a big deal, as water can cause considerable damage to your phone. These mobile stands can easily keep your electronic on wet surfaces without it getting wet.
  • Use it as a media grip: Mobile stands make great grips- making activities like taking one handed selfie, talking on the phone and texting much easier.
  • Earphone management system: You can wrap your earphones/ earbuds around your pop socket- keeping them in place and tangle-free.
  • Grips for larger devices: Mobile stands make holding large devices easy, comfortable and more secure. No worries of dropping the electronics.

Custom Cell Phone Accessory: Promotional tool

Promotional giveaway- Phone companies can offer this custom cell phone accessory as a free GWP or promotional gift. It allows the person to purchase the item- as the brand is seen every day on back of their phone. Customers are more likely to purchase from your brand rather than a similar item from a different brand. Power of brand awareness and recognition.

Branding Not the only way for your target market to choose your item over competitors, but helps gain recognition in the phone accessory industry. Good branding on these mobile phone stands means clear message of the company, customer loyalty; broadening your target audience. In addition, these mobile phone stands can be easily branded with company logos or names.

Boost sales- Word of mouth from potential and existing customers about your product increases the company’s sales. Since these mobile phone stands are popular and works well, no problem for the company to gain sales. Furthermore, social media also helps because it opens a line of communication to customers.

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