Mobile phones are one of the most important technical gadgets in our lives and we will never leave home without this one and it’s not hard to see why as with most of us being able to use it as we drive.  Of course we cannot be distracted while driving cars and this branded phone holder provides a easy hands free solution.

This branded phone holder makes it legal and accessible. Just fix this universal custom phone holder onto your car air vent and keep talking and use it even as a car navigator. Besides, the mobile phone will be in plain sight and easy to use, also reducing the fear of using your phone in the car.

Car Accessory Idea Branded Phone Holder

Car Accessory Idea Branded Phone Holder

This branded phone holder is available in different colors such as black, white, and red (which is suitable because of car factory colors) and also bright orange. One good thing is that it is universal and suitable for all types of mobile phones. And with such a wide range of colours and practical uses it makes them incredible promotional gifts and gifts with purchase products.

Car Accessory Idea - Branded Phone Holder

Car Accessory Idea – Branded Phone Holder

Why use branded phone holder for your marketing projects?

  • Brand value. Giving mobile phone holders as free gifts, the image of the company could be improved and the interest to companies’ production could be increased as customers will receive a gift they can use.
  • Customer retention. Everyone today is dependent on their mobile phones. You must be sure it could increase your customers brand loyalty and this branded phone holder is a great idea to capitalize on this market because these kinds of promotional gift will be appreciated by everyone. A good promo gift means more people will remember your brand.
  • Brand reinforcement. Logo of the company could be placed on plastic mobile holder, so everyone could see it especially if some taxi drivers would use it. The number of people who would see this hidden promotion is enormous.

Here at ODM we specialise in designing and manufacturing all kinds of promotional solutions. If interested in creating your own branded phone accessory such as this car phone holder, please contact us and quote reference number ODM-1211.

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