Promotional office supplies are seen everywhere, be it on the desk, as purchase gifts, or given as giveaways during events. In general, they make extremely useful products and this in turn provides them with a strong marketing influence when branded.

Counter top pens are one stationary item that is used everywhere, be it in supermarkets, in company receptions, offices, banks, schools to name a few and because of this they hold a great deal of branding potential in increasing your brands to awareness.

Promotional Office Supplies Idea - Counter Top Pen Holders

Promotional Office Supplies Idea – Counter Top Pen Holders

The great thing about desktop and counter top pen holders is that they can be custom shaped. Take these holders as an example, the right with a more standard design, the middle with legs, and the third a cooler spiral pen holder.

They may at first seem like standard stationary items, but when customised they can reflect your brand image all the while remembering that numerous people daily will use these holders in a variety of different places.

Promotional office supplies and how can they increase brand awareness?

  • Brand exposure. Firstly, these counter top promo pens are extremely practical when it comes to quickly filling out forms and are seen in countless places and therefore they will be seen and actually experienced by a lot of potential people. With a custom design and branding people will pay more attention to them and your brand consolidating your brand recall.
  • Brand value. Counter top pens can sometimes be viewed negatively because of their boring design and lack of ink. However, if you design them well and make sure the actual pens work, customers will have a more positive experience and will be happier, thus viewing your brand as better.
  • Free advertisement. Usually placed right in front of your eye, they are also hard to miss, meaning people will always unintentionally notice your brand leading to free advertisement.

ODM have helped in designing many different kinds of promotional office supplies and pens, if wanting to custom brand your own equipment and other promotional products, please feel free to contact us at the ODM group and quote product reference ODM-1210.

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