Capture the attention of your customers with this clip lens as a free custom phone accessory. This promotion is running on shelf tops in a big department store in Asia. The customer receives this promo gift for every purchase of at least 2 pairs of shoes.  The sign is on top of shelves so perfect for catching the eye of shoppers – we love good promotional shelf talkers.

What is a Camera Clip Lens?

A clip lens is a smaller version of those big and expensive lenses that photographers use. These lenses are perfect for mobile phone photography. It has a clip that secures the lens to your phone’s camera. The lens is small and could easily fit in your pocket which makes it very portable.  With so many photographs shot on mobile and shared on social media this is a great campaign.  We would suggest to tie this up with Instagram or Twitter Hashtags.

Boost Your Brand with this Clip Lens - A Free Custom Phone Accessory

Boost Your Brand with this Clip Lens – A Free Custom Phone Accessory

Why do we think this custom phone accessory could boost your brand’s marketing?

  • Trendy – Since everyone owns a smartphone that has powerful cameras, a lot of people use their phones in lieu of those big and bulky cameras. This gift with purchase targets the younger market. As a result, the younger generation of consumers would most likely purchase these products. Check out another trendy promotional product below.
  • Cost-effective – These promotional items are not only effective but also inexpensive. It is no wonder that many brands, even the established ones, are choosing promotional lens clip as giveaways.
  • Stimulate Sales – Customers will never forget the brand that promotes this high tech giveaway. This could inspire word-of-mouth referrals via new and loyal customers. As a result, customers will be curious, check the product, and eventually make a purchase.
Boost Your Brand with this Clip Lens - A Free Custom Phone Accessory

Boost Your Brand with this Clip Lens – A Free Custom Phone Accessory

How can this campaign be improved?

  • Use of POS display units – It’s really vital to showcase your products through a presentable display. This would improve the whole perception of your brand.
  • Variety – It would be better if they’ve offered more colours, designs, and function of the clip lens. This gives the customers the flexibility to choose their preferred promo item.
  • Customise the product – We highly suggest to print your brand’s logo on the clip lens. This way, customers effortlessly promote your brand while using the product.

In conclusion, this mobile clip lens is a unique promotional item that sparks the customers’ curiosity because it’s high utility and trendy.

If you like this custom phone accessory, please contact ODM anytime. ODM is composed of a team of marketing, manufacturing, and design experts. Therefore, we can assure you that we’ll assist you with any of your marketing queries.

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