To be successful in business, one must understand the importance of making strong brand presence. Using corporate gifts is one of the best ways to make your brand worth remembering. Luckily, we have a unique high tech giveaway idea that will surely make your customers talk about your company: Wifi Light Bulb!

Imagine changing light colours in offices & homes to match BRAND & MOOD.

high tech giveaway

high tech giveaway

Smart light bulb makes a luxurious corporate giveaway for employees and clients. It’s high-end so it also makes perfect gift with purchase for tech products such as cellphones, laptops, and smart TVs.

Investing in high-quality gifts, such as these smart light bulbs, can be a wise marketing move. Sure, you need to spend huge amount of capital to produce them, but it also promises huge return of investment. How?

Below, we discuss why you should consider using this smart light bulb for your marketing activities.

Advantages of Incorporating a High Tech Giveaway Into Your Marketing Activity

  • Brand Remembrance: Smart home needs smart lights. Your wifi-enabled light bulbs will make customers remember your brand for years to come. This is because your merchandise is something that can easily become part of their personal daily lives.
  • Enhances Brand Image: Today, employing gadgets and technology merchandise into your campaign is necessary to keep up with the competition. High quality corporate gifts can improve employee and clients’ perception of your company because it makes them feel appreciated, helps boost employee’s morale, and strengthen customer loyalty.
high tech giveaway

high tech giveaway

  • Repeat Purchase: When customers are satisfied with your product/services, you’ll naturally get repeat customers. But sometimes, the gifts from your company are enough to convince clients to return to your shop. Useful and high-end gifts make your brand look reliable and professional. As a result, people are keen to trust you more.
  • High End: Premium quality gifts are perfect for Christmas, anniversaries, and other special events. High end products effectively tells people that you are a high-quality line. When this gift is given within the company, it could make employees and investors feel valued.
  • Attracts New Customers and Business PartnersThe prospect of automating one’s home can be a great conversation starter. As such, using this wifi light bulb as giveaway can help open conversation about your company, your products, and services. Thus, it attracts potential business partners to work with you and encourages new customers to try your brand.
  • No Safety Issues: This bulb is made from aluminium alloy and tough PC material that is heat-resistant. Thus, you can be sure that this tech product won’t pose any serious health and safety hazards.

Cool Features of Wifi Light Bulb

high tech giveaway

high tech giveaway

  • supports wifi connection
  • voice control
  • app control
  • timer settings
  • group control
  • color selection

Because it’s wi-fi enabled, customers can remotely control or schedule lights. It also makes color selection and group control easier. With Google Home and Amazon Alexa becoming popular these days, it’s no surprise people are opting for these hands-free smart light bulbs. Voice control allows users to adjust dimness/brightness in one command.

So why should you use this promotional item?

To sum it up, the use of a high tech giveaway, such as this wifi-light bulbs, can help improve brand recognition, customer retention, loyalty, and brand image. This all could translate to increased revenue and high brand performance. Include code 1988 to get quote for this smart light bulb.

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