These LED ball decorations are a great idea for your event. Keep on reading below, in order to find out how to electrify your event.


Features of the LED Ball Decoration


LED Ball decoration

Spark up the mood with this LED Ball decoration


These LED Ball decorations can be used for various events. It can be used  at but not limited to conferences,  product launches and parties.  The LED ball can also be used to enhance points of sale . These balls come in various shapes and sizes. This decorative item can also change into 16 various different colors. Color change can be automated or controlled using an IR remote. The ball is waterproof and can be used to float in pools of water to create an ambient feature. You can also brand these balls. Providing an eye-catching focal point for brand awareness.


How GAC Trumpchi used this LED Ball decoration


LED Ball decoration

Spark up the mood with this LED Ball decoration


The previous weekend or upon the second of August. GAC Trumpchi used these LED balls as decorations for a beach party as apart of the Zhuhai Lovers tandem race. The light emitted from the LED balls complimented the darkness well to provide an ambient atmosphere for all the revelers. The LED balls were also put into pools around the beach to improve the surroundings. The majority of party goers expressed their delight to the LED balls and how it added to the memorable night.


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