Carlsbergs’ clever on pack drinks promotion in China was spotted in a supermarket. A clever gift with purchase that includes complimentary sandals.

In Store Drinks Promotion


Drinks promotion

A Cracking Carlsberg drinks promotion in store


In order to qualify for this drinks promotion. Customers must first purchase a multi-pack that consists of six Carlsberg lager cans. These buyers will then receive a complimentary gift with purchase.  They receive a pair of sandals. The sandals are made from a soft material that is comfortable to wear. Sandals can be worn as  day-to-day replacement to shoes. Especially during summer months.


Analysis of this Drinks Promotion


drinks promotion

A Cracking Carlsberg drinks promotion in store


Using this drinks promotion, Carlsberg have been able to simply raise revenues from incentivising a purchase of at least a multipack of six lager cans.These sandals are also branded with the Carlsberg logo. The yellow colour of the sandals is very bright. So it is likely to be eye-catching. This will likely draw attention to the Carlsberg logo and as result will raise brand recognition. Depending on how satisfied the buyer is with the sandals or Carlsberg. They may spread awareness of this drinks promotion via word of mouth or using social media channels to friends or family.



A better custom sandal for this drinks promotion


drinks promotion

A Cracking Carlsberg drinks promotion in store



Here at ODM we always try to keep our eyes out for the best and most innovative promotional products. We believe that Carlsberg could have skyrocketed their brand recognition with these sandals. On the sole of the sandal, a mold of your company logo can be incorporated into it. When the user walks on the beach an imprint of your company logo will be left in the sand. This is a free marketing opportunity that can raise awareness of the Carlsberg brand on the beach. It is also a highly cool idea that has not been widely used by many companies. For more read upon similar sandal ideas here:


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