Events such as trade shows and brand activation campaigns are a great place for drink brands to showcase their products. Because there are so many similar products competing for customer’s attention, convincing visitors to pay attention to your brand can be very challenging. This is why you should offer them branded merchandise that they cannot find from other brands! Here are some brilliant drinks promotion ideas an event manager should consider for their next big event.

Event Organisers Day

Event Organisers Day

Drinks Promotional Gift for an Event Marketing Manager

1. Bottle and Glass Sleeves

Made from Neoprene, the sleeves absorb condensed water from the containers. It also helps retain the coolness of the drinks.

Neoprene is a type of synthetic material that resembles rubber. It is resistant to heat, water, and weathering. This material is flexible and sturdy, which is why they make great caddies for drink bottles.

2. Branded Cocktail Glasses

If you are handing samples during the event, use branded cocktail glasses to create the image you are going for. when given away as a trade show marketing gift, it allows event managers to prolong brand exposure even after the event.

Drinks Promotion Ideas

Drinks Promotion Ideas

3. Branded Tumbler

Tumblers are among the most-wanted gift with purchase or customer giveaways. Recipients are likely to keep custom printed tumblers for months as compared to other types of promotional products. Due to their flexibility and practicality, they also offer tremendous branding opportunities for brand managers.

4. Plastic Drinking Glass with Logo

Take a sip of your favorite cocktail while relaxing by the side of the pool. The plastic glasses are reusable and durable. Because manufacturing such product is relatively cheaper than real glass, manufacturing large batches is certainly cost-effective. Event managers can give them away as a trade fair souvenir.

Drinks Promotion Ideas

Drinks Promotion Ideas

5. Flipflops with Logo

Nothing screams summer than a pair of cool blue flip flops! Now that summer is just around the corner, this merchandise would be an interesting summer promotional item. Slippers are hot during this season and so are cocktail drinks. The key to a successful summer promo is to use colors that remind customers of your company similar to Matua’s example.

Or, if you want to “leave a mark” literally and figuratively, then why not opt for flipflops with customized soles so that the logo gets embossed on the sand? Here is an excellent example:

Other Drinks Promotion Ideas for an Event Manager

Increased engagement and impact are what event managers aim to achieve during exhibitions and events. Not only should you focus on gifts, but you should also pay attention on other products being used during the event.

Here are other products event managers should consider using to augment their promotion:

6. Custom Jiggers

Jiggers are a bartender’s best friend. If you are giving away free drinks at trade shows, these branded jiggers will surely help you mix the best-tasting drinks that visitors will love to have.

Custom Jiggers

Drinks Promotion Ideas- Custom Jiggers

7. Custom Burlap Pouch

A burlap pouch not only serves as a cooler, but it also makes great packaging for beer and bottled drinks. Some of the brands that had success in using a burlap pouch for drinks packaging is Lone Whiskey.

Custom Burlap Pouch

Drinks Promotion Ideas – Custom Burlap Pouch

In this blog, you will see how Lone Whiskey customized a burlap pouch as its packaging. The color, texture, and uniqueness of the material add a nice touch to their display. Further, the pouch makes it easier for customers to carry the bottles.

8. Promotional Chairs

Branded container pop-up stores are trending today. The flexibility and mobility of such retail outlets make them a really popular choice for startups and events. So, make sure to complete the look of your liquor pop up stores with a wooden chair with a beer-shaped back. This will make your store look more inviting. People will love to spend time in your even if they can rest for a while.

Promotional Chair with Beer Shaped Back: Unique Design Sparks Interest

Drinks Promotion Ideas for an Event Manager- Promotional Chair with Beer Shaped Back

9. Custom Inflatable Ice Bucket

Make your events extra cool with these inflatable ice buckets! As these ice buckets are lightweight and easy to set up, they are ideal for any event.

Custom Inflatable Ice Bucket

Custom Inflatable Ice Bucket

10. Custom Beer Caddy

Carry multiple bottles in one trip with a beer caddy! Get the box branded with your company name to create a finer visual impact on your target customers.

Are you looking for mew drinks promotion ideas for future brand activation campaigns?

Here, at ODM, our merchandisers and designers work hard to stay updated with the latest trends in drinks marketing. We can help you come up with ingenious product ideas to promote your brand. What’s more, we specialize in sourcing and manufacturing promo gifts, so you can expect us to deliver high-quality merchandise at a budget-friendly price!

If you like the product ideas (1-5 on the list) do contact our team with product code ODM-2914 to get a quick quote.

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