Keep drinks cooler and advertising even cooler in your custom printed ice buckets! These branded ice buckets are all a little out of the ordinary- each personalised by individual brands. And ice buckets, although not seen as gifts, most of the time can be the perfect gift or promotional tool for your company. You can take this process a step further and customise your ice buckets. This adds a personal touch to your gift or branding. In this blog, we dive into 3 reasons why we think custom printed ice buckets are really cool!

1. Versatile

You may be thinking how versatile can ice buckets get? It’s just a metal bucket. Well, these images below will debunk that idea. With creativity, these brands have created unique and intriguing ice buckets in custom prints and shapes.

Let’s take a look at the ice buckets from the brands below that we love


Corona - Custom Printed Ice Buckets

Corona – Custom Printed Ice Buckets

The standard ice bucket with a adorable cute daisy print and a stand to hold it with a written chalkboard. This adds so much more to a regular ice bucket.


Bulliet - Custom Printed Ice Bucketsted Ice Buckets

Bulliet – Custom Printed Ice Buckets

Keep beer or wine in the barrel that it came fermenting from! A design that will definitely be an eye-catcher and a conversation starter. The rope handles on either side of the barrel allows for ease of carriage while the wooden stand prevents the barrel from rolling and spilling the contents.


Cooper - Custom Printed Ice Buckets

Cooper – Custom Printed Ice Buckets

Another similar concept, an ice bucket is not limited to have the traditional shape of a metal bucket. It can be made into something that is unique to your own brand. This one by Coors has a wooden body but the inside is made from an entirely different material.


Somersby - Custom Printed Ice Buckets

Somersby – Custom Printed Ice Buckets

A completely different shape from the traditional circular bucket, this design can make it easier to store a larger quantity of drinks for larger groups.

This is the one thing we love about custom printed ice buckets, it is easily personalised to fit the branding needs of your brand. With a little creativity there are no limitations to how you want your custom ice buckets to resemble.

2. Practical

Apart from looking pretty, Ice buckets come in handy in many different ways. They carry ice cubes costly, keeping beverages chilly and ready to drink. In addition to that, they look like classic décor when paired with a chic design that adds elegance to a bar or home environment.

Ice buckets endure a long-lasting life due to the materials they are made from. Generally, these buckets are made of stainless steel that avoids condensation from the ice. As well as adding an artistic element to your drinks experience.

And did you know that ice not only chills drinks but also improves the taste of drinks? That is essential for any beverage consumption.

3. Design

Ice buckets complement any environment with charming designs. The classic look and style you can customise your buckets to create an elegant beauty. Serving chilly drinks can be a clever gesture to draw attention and be a form of enticement to your brand. The good thing about ice buckets is that to have it in a design that solely fits your brand is easily done.



Custom Printed Ice Buckets can be a great promotional tool to increase brand recognition and raise awareness. With a little creativity, you can turn your ice bucket into an eye-catching product that will also serve as a conversation starter for your brand. Functional, yet adds an artistic and aesthetic element to your environment.


How can ODM help with your Custom Ice Buckets?

ODM is a promotional agency that can help you create high-quality custom promotional products, marketing gifts and merchandise design. Don’t hesitate to contact @ODM for more enquires where we design, manufacture and take designs from concept to market. We work closely with our product designers to bring your ideas to life. Working together to create a pleasant experience – We’d love to hear from you! Contact ODM now!

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