Print your own logo on these popular custom printed cooling towels! If you’re looking for a good promotional product within the sports industry, this will be perfect for your customers.  Cooling towels are great for other uses such as at the beach, camping, to cool down fevers or touring around a warm destination.

Custom printed cooling towels

Custom printed cooling towels

We found this colourful cooling towel at Canton Fair. The design includes a badminton theme with black, blue and red which makes the colours pop out. The size of the towel is 30x80cm, this makes it the perfect size to wear without feeling the weight and is easy to carry around.

The design has been transferred to the towel through sublimation printing. This printing method can also be referred to as a heat transfer. Sublimation is good for small production runs as it is easier to print multiple colours at a high quality to cover the entire fabric for customisable designs. However, it will be time consuming for a large quantity of products which is the downside.

How to do Sublimation Printing:

  1. Heat up the machine
  2. Print an image onto the transfer paper to absorb and dry quickly
  3. Apply the print to the material by pressing down and release when done

The process is really easy and efficient, especially for costs as it is not an expensive method. High quality dye is used which makes the design last long and prevents fading. The best fabrics to try this method on include plastic, textile, paper, polyester fabric and card.


Reasons why custom printed cooling towels will help boost your sales:

  • Purposeful – There are two main weather conditions; either hot or cold. Cooling towels will always be in demand as it is always summer somewhere in the world and will be used by many people. The brand will be exposed every time a customer uses it.
  • Ease of use – The towel is easy to activate through soaking the fabric in water, wringing it out and snapping it every time coolness is needed.
  • High tech fabric – The fabric is made for water circulation which results in taking away body heat. It is highly durable as it is reusable, making it eco-friendly.
  • Prevention – This product is not only good for sporty individuals, it can help those with fevers or prevent heat strokes when the sun is beating down strongly.
Custom printed cooling towels

Custom printed cooling towels

To sum up…

Custom printed cooling towels are a useful and long-lasting custom promotional product which will be used by your customers and advertise your brand wherever they go. Boost your sales by adding your own customisable design to stand out!

Would your customers benefit from a cooling towel? What designs would you pick? Our in-house design team Mindsparkz can help you pick the perfect design for a cooling towel. The product code for the custom printed cooling towel is 2692 If you are interested in these products, contact our team by quoting the code.


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