Tiger Beer Singapore offers a limited edition towel as a beer promotion. Getting the promo gift is as easy as your A B C’s. Simply, collect 10 “Tiger Towel” crown liners from Tiger Beers. Once you have the 10 crown liners, Tiger Beer rewards you with this limited edition towel.

Towels as Beer Promotion

Custom towels come in several styles; from branded bar towels, big beach towels to custom sports towel. With Tiger Beer’s towel, the brand uses 100% cotton for better absorption and smoother feel. This makes their towels superb and a must-have.

Every day, everyone uses a towel of one type or another. Therefore, this promotion from Tiger Beer makes a good promotional product. Every time a customer uses your promotional towel, they’ll remember your brand.  In conclusion, the best promotional item for your marketing campaign is one that is useful yet inexpensive. And most importantly, something that offers the brand as much exposure as possible for your investment.

Tiger Beer Promotion: Limited Edition Towels

Tiger Beer Promotion

Why do we like Tiger Beer’s Promotion?

  • Good Placement for Logo – We love how Tiger Beer uses a big towel that offers a large area for branding. This helps the brand increase their exposure to customers. With a good blue background, Tiger Beer’s logo is hard to miss. Below is a perfect example of a good logo placement for a towel.
  • Quality Freebie – One thing that we’ve noticed immediately is the quality of the promotional item. Tiger Beer doesn’t just give something for the sake of having something to give. They always ensure the quality of their products and upholds it with their promotional items. Certainly, the brand knows how to leave a good impression to their customers.

Overall, towels are interesting and effective promotional items. It will be interesting for Tiger to have a collection of beer-related promos, such as beer mugs, stickers, etc. We see this as a very effective promotion because of its simple redemption process and clear terms & conditions.

If this item interests you, please don’t hesitate to contact the ODM team. They are experts in marketing and manufacturing.

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As mentioned, towels are great promo items. Below is a good example.

Multi Colour shot glasses are a fun promotional product. Also, these are very eye-catching for the customers.

Finally, Speakers that are disguised inside a drinks. These can make great promotional products for beer companies.

These cooling towels are guaranteed to catch your audience’s attention.


What materials are best for towels?

It depends on what you are going for. Cotton is generally the standard material because it is soft and absorbent. There is also polyester and microfibre but your best bet would be cotton.

Does the size of the towel matter?

Not really. This largely depends on your target audience and what you are going for. Small face towels might be appropriate in corporate settings and large beach towels for more casual settings but the everyday, regular bath size towel is a perfect middle ground when it comes to sizing.