Various brands compete just to get the customers’ attention. This healthy competition usually leads to innovative and interesting personalized promotional products such as this speaker in a can. These great custom beer promos are not just interesting but this innovation works like the usual speaker. The only difference is that these speakers are disguised as cold drinks. This type of promo gift makes a great promotional product for beer or alcohol companies. Interestingly, this novelty item sparks curiosity which could be beneficial to your brands.

Speaker in a can as beer promos

This item is predominantly interesting to crowds that adore playing music on portable devices. This could be perfect for events such as beach parties, trade show marketing, mountain excursions, anniversary promos, and camping events, etc. With the popularity of smartphones that integrate music players, customers always have music with them and this beer speaker could come in handy.

The beer can comes with an input audio jack in order to plug in any kind of smartphone or music player. During the summer months, lots of people enjoy their time by the beach, lake, and pool. This could really be the star of your customers’ endless summer escapades. In conclusion, this beer speaker is the perfect item to give away to customers.

Promote Your Brand With Custom Beer Promos - Speaker in a Can

Promote Your Brand With Custom Beer Promos – Speaker in a Can

Promotional Suggestion: Brands could include this speaker inside standard packs of beer – sold as 1 can of a set of 12, 18 or 24 beers. Simply, the beer company needs to take one beer can out and replace it with this beer can speaker. This makes a good gift with purchase campaign.  Check out the link below for other types of portable speakers.

Why do we highly recommend this speaker as part of your beer promos?

  • Reliable Wireless Audio – Allows smartphone users to play music whilst on the go minus the annoying wire mess. Customers love the idea of using something that brings relief to their usual routine. And this speaker is a good example of it. Therefore, when customers receive this item, they’ll appreciate the brand even more. Furthermore, thanks to its reliable Bluetooth technology, your music will sound crisp and smooth.
  • Great Area for Branding – What we love about this item is the customization part. Brands could easily print their brands on the side. In fact, they can mimic the look of their products (applies best to beer companies). Since this is a useful item, customers use the product more often this promoting the brand effortlessly.
  • Trendy – With everything that’s happening, brands should cope up with the latest trend. Obviously, this beer keeps up with almost every trend on the market. its innovative design will easily wow customers and marketing experts.

Overall, beer speakers are very easy to customise that matches the promotional requirements of any drinks company. And the easiest way to customize is to make can an exact replica of the brand’s product.

If this item interests you, feel free to contact the ODM team. We are always ready to answer your marketing and manufacturing queries.

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