Make some noise! That is probably the motto of every business today. As a business owner, you want to make sure that your voice does not get lost in the crowd. So, promote your brand in the coolest way possible with custom portable speakers!

A staple at home, workplace, and gym, custom portable speakers offer a great way to put your brand in front of your customers. Who does not like to listen to music while studying or doing house chores? Who does not listen to music when exercising? We all love to listen to music. That will never change. So, don’t you think this is a brilliant opportunity to advertise your brand? And we are not talking about radio advertisements, but making custom portable speakers a part of your marketing merchandise.

Custom Portable Speakers

Custom Portable Speakers

This custom mini speaker is made in the shape of an FM radio, which gives off a sense of nostalgia for us who have used them back in the day. It can play audio content from a computer, home theater, mobile phone, karaoke player, and even other portable audio players. It also has an FM function and ports for TF card and USB.

Custom Portable Speakers

Custom Portable Speakers


Why You Should Make Custom Portable Speakers a Part of Your Promotional Merchandise?

Long-Lasting Attention

According to a report by Nielsen, in the US alone 50% of all homes listen to podcasts (equivalent to over 60 million homes). On the other hand, 90% of the population listens to music an average of 32.1 hours a week.

Therefore, there is a huge market for devices such as speakers and headphones. What does this mean for business owners?

Any company can reach out to its target audience with a branded speaker. As long as customers need a device for audio content, then there is always a chance to show off your brand.


Feel-Good Effect

When we listen to inspiring podcasts or uplifting music, we instantly feel good all throughout the day. The feel-good effect doubles when custom portable speakers are given away as freebies. As a promotional product, they do make customers feel appreciated. This is also why it makes a fantastic corporate gift. Many people de-stress by listening to their favorite song or inspiring podcasts.


Portable Audio

We are in the era of portable products. Everything is pocket-sized. Portable speakers are one of those products that can offer entertainment on-demand. People can use this at the gym during workouts, trade shows, stage plays, traveling, and even when de-stressing after work. With custom portable speakers, the brand name is not just visible to your recipient but to other people as well. This marketing gift idea will promote your brand to their friends when they use it at work or at the gym.


Subtle Yet Effective Branding

Wireless portable speakers allow you to advertise your brand message in a discreet way. We are bombarded by different advertisements every day that it is easy to forget them after a few hours. This is why subtle advertising is very powerful. A custom wireless speaker exposes your brand to your customers without being too loud.


So How Do You Advertise with Custom Portable Speakers?

  • Branding– This is the first thing you need to consider when advertising with any promotional item. Brand placement is an art and when done right, can make your promotional gift feel more personalized than just a marketing giveaway. You want to make sure that your logo is visible enough to catch your customer’s eye but not too obtrusive that they look cheap. The packaging should also be taken into consideration. A beautiful box will make the promotional gift feel more special.


Custom Portable Speakers

Custom Portable Speakers

  • Free Gift Promotions: One of the brands that had success with free gift promotions was Absolut Vodka. They surprised customers with an in-pack gift of a Bluetooth speaker. Since drinking parties are not complete without music, this gift is sure to create a fun ambiance. With the addition of a high-quality product, people’s perception of the brand is likely to increase as well.


  • Membership Welcome Gift: Do you want to invite more members into your gym or club? Offer them a membership incentive that they can use for many years. Other items that you can offer together with speakers are headsets and a power bank.


  • Employee Welcome Gift: Since the pandemic, companies have been hiring remote workers to join their team. Offering a remote onboarding kit is a great way to make new employees feel welcomed during a time where human touch and face to face interactions are discouraged.


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Speakers rank high on the list of most-wanted corporate and promotional gifts. With their ability to be customized and their practical value, they offer great advertising potential for businesses.


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How Effective Are Custom Portable Speakers in Promoting Your Brand?

What we like about speakers is that they target a wide range of customers with varied preferences. Moreover, they are in-demand no matter the season.

Is Customizing Speakers Expensive?

It all depends on your specifications. If you want your speakers a certain color or if you want additional features, the price could increase a bit.

What Are My Other Promotional Product Options?

If you want to make customers feel special, you may offer speakers as part of a set. For instance, speaker and headphones, or speaker and USB flash drive. You have a lot of options, but the key to an effective gift set is to offer items that can be used together.