This promotional, portable, microphone shaped speaker was spotted by ODM while searching for other summer promotional products.

This exciting product could be perfect for you, if your business is looking for a giveaway. Along with the popularity of phones that integrate music players nowadays, consumers always enjoy listening to their music on their phones directly.

In addition to that, it also fits all phones and can be attached to a key ring. Many people have the issue that their phone stereo just isn’t loud enough, so this is a simple, portable solution for that.


Promotional Portable Microphone Shaped Speaker

Promotional Portable Microphone Shaped Speaker


How Will This Promotional Portable Microphone Shaped Speaker Benefit Your Customers?

It’ll benefit them in a number of ways. Firstly it is perfect to use with all phones, so you can reach a wide range of your customers.  Secondly, it’s easy to carry as a little key chain and definitely contributes to improving the image and the loyalty of your company after receiving such a high end gift.

The most popular color of the small speaker is definitely either silver or gold, which makes the product look even more high-end.  If you have a decent sized budget for marketing, then it’s definitely worth manufacturing a high-end gift box for you brand.

This product is able to be imprinted with your company name and logo and acts as an advertisement. It improves the brand recognition and motivates your customers to make further purchases. Ultimately, it will boost customer loyalty.

Promotional Portable Microphone Shaped Speaker

Promotional Portable Microphone Shaped Speaker


This microphone shaped speaker will also work great as either a promotional gift or a gift with purchase campaign.

If you are also looking for any designs of speakers for your customers in the  the summer promotions. Please contact us here. Please read more of our below blogs about promotional speakers.

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