The leading British confectionery company, Cadbury, takes maximum advantage of their marketing through the use of a number of different custom POS display. Cadbury’s displays are available across the UK.

Custom POS Display

Custom POS Display


Custom POS Display

There is a huge range of options when we talk about POS displays. It is highly customisable; turn it into anything and everything. The usage of different materials transforms the look of the display. This affects how the customers view of the product or brand itself. POS display materials range from low-cost materials, such as cardboard, to the slightly more expensive but more high-end materials such as metal, wood, and high-grade plastic.

Custom POS Display

Custom POS Display

Why should your brand use custom POS display like Cadbury?

Cadbury is a multi-billion dollar company. They won’t waste their time running ineffective marketing campaigns. Therefore, we can confidently say that POS display is really a game changer.

  • Brand Promotion – Tha main goal of using POS display is to promote your brand. POS display stands help brand maintain and promote a positive brand image. Also, this could influence customers with their purchasing habits. Therefore, strategically placing your custom POS displays at a store with high foot traffic, such as malls or airports, promotes visibility amongst your products and brand. This raises brand awareness which could potentially increase sales and profitability.

Now, if you’re still thinking whether or not you should use POS display units, check out this over the top retail POS display from Grey Goose.


In conclusion, these POS displays are a must do for brands. This increases your chances of getting the attention your brand deserves.

If you are interested to know more about these POS displays, please feel free to contact the ODM team. They are an expert when it comes to manufacturing and marketing promotional items.

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