Cadbury never fails to surprise customers when it comes to promoting their products. Case in point: this virtual reality marketing display. The interactive POS display is getting a lot of attention from customers because of its state-of-the-art virtual reality feature.

Virtual Reality Marketing Display

Virtual Reality Marketing Display

The display is part of Cadbury’s and Premier League partnership’s digital activation campaign. According to news, Mondelez, the makers of Cadbury, has installed virtual reality games in several airports including  London Heathrow, Stansted, Luton, Singapore Changi and Sydney.

But how can shoppers participate? Customers need to buy any Cadbury product to play the game. The goal is to score against a virtual goalie and winners can get limited-edition Premiere League gifts.


Why We Like this Virtual Reality Marketing Display

We are familiar with virtual reality. However, this technology is not limited to video games as the retail industry has also seen a tremendous shift to VR Displays to augment traditional retail marketing. Cadbury Premier League partnership tremendously benefited from this tactic. The ability to engage customers and entertain them is its strong point. So why do we like this VR display?

Virtual Reality Marketing Display 6

Virtual Reality Marketing Display


The use of brand colors has significantly increased the display’s visibility. Just looking at the display makes you think of their delicious chocolates.


Cadbury’s interactive marketing display engages customers. It encouraged them to buy their products and try their virtual reality football game. As a result, even bystanders who initially did not plan to buy any of their products will be encouraged to purchase.

Brand Activation

As only those who purchase their products can try and play the virtual reality game, shoppers become more eager to buy the products and experience the game. Why is this a good idea? Games are an excellent brand activation tool and delivery mechanism for promotional products.

If you are a new company or rebranding, having an engaging POS display could help improve your customers’ overall shopping experience. The more customers engage with your brand, the better the brand recall. Not only will they leave the shop with their delicious chocolates, but they will also carry with them the fun and exciting experience they had while playing.


Not only is the display eye-catching, but it is also entertaining. The entertainment factor is what makes the display more effective. When someone is in a good mood, they are more receptive to your marketing message.


Other Significant Marketing Ideas from Cadbury Premier League Airport Promotion

Aside from the virtual reality marketing display, we also love the football shape display where all the packs of Cadbury chocolates are arranged neatly. We also noticed the use of faux grass, which is an interesting little detail that completes the football theme. The poster also helped customers understand what the promotion is all about.

Virtual Reality Marketing Display

Virtual Reality Marketing Display

The back of the VR POS display advertises their “score and win” campaign, which is great because it pulls in customers from a distance. Another element that caught our eye is their shelf of chocolates. It was positioned facing the other way to attract customers coming from that side.

We especially love the addition of faux grass on the top of the display as it reminds one of the soccer field. To complete the football theme, metal mesh screens are installed on the sides.

Virtual Reality Marketing Display Virtual Reality Marketing Display

Our Takeaways…

When two huge brands come together, expect to see great marketing strategies. “Engaging” is how we describe Cadbury Premier League Virtual Reality Marketing Display. It spells fun, excitement, and entertainment.

Your POS display is as important as the product itself. That is what we learned from this example. An engaging merchandise display creates an emotional connection between brand and consumer and improves overall shopping experience. When customers are satisfied, they will surely come for more!

So, would an interactive POS display help your company achieve your marketing goals? Our team of product designers and merchandisers are here to help! We have extensive experience in product sourcing and designing, and some of our favorite projects revolve around high-end promotional displays and marketing gifts. Get in touch with us today.


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