Have you seen an interesting piece of POS display recently? Using an interactive marketing display is one of the best ways to differentiate your brand from competitors and build high brand recognition. In this study we’re going to provide you some tips which will help you wow your customers.  And as, marketing drinks in general becomes more competitive, in-store advertising are also becoming more innovative. Just take a look at this interactive marketing display by Fevertree.

Interactive marketing display

Interactive marketing display

This marketing display is an excellent example of innovative and absolutely outstanding promotions. Fever Tree did a great job stirring people’s curiosity with their unique custom POS display.

We found this brilliant display on Imbibe drinks show and there were colored buttons that correspond for each flavor: Ginger Beer and 3 variants of Ginger Ale. They decided to use light colors but they’re very effective. What is more, those buttons are not only a part of this display. It says that when you push the button you’ll discover what liquor will go well with their mixers. We actually pressed the button and the back wall lights up the corresponding bottles. The Brand Ambassador arranged a tasting session and talked us through the pairing wheel which allows you to pair different spirits with the full selection of Fever Tree mixers. This is indeed a brilliant interactive marketing display!

Interactive marketing display

Interactive marketing display

How to wow your customers with an Interactive Marketing Display?

Research the target marget

First of all it is important to know what your customers’ needs are. Check last trends and what is the most impressive marketing technique to the audience. With our designers we can always make your own, unique design!

Be creative.

Many POS display ideas look almost identical, and this could affect the way people see your brand. Therefore, it is important to  separate your business from competitors! And what better way to do that than to incorporate an interactive point of sale display. Not only will it increase your brand visibility, it will also keep customers interested in what you have to offer. Once you get their attention, it will become easier for you to get them to try your product.

Here’s a fine example of an interesting interactive marketing display. This one by NARS allows customers to try out their lipstick shades without actually having to apply it on. Read on to learn why we love this one:

Brand exposure.

Exposure is essential. Therefore, your logo must be visible. Go for something unusual to expose your brand with. Make sure your custom promotional display is branded and is engaging. You can use LED’s to make it more effectively seen. Moreover, think of festivals and trade shows where you can participate. These events are great venues to promote your brand and be seen by prospective clients and business partners.

Interactive marketing display

Interactive marketing display

Make it Fun and Engaging

An engaging and fun atmosphere will definitely pull in more customers to your marketing display. Like what Fevertree did, using an interactive POS display is a smart way to increase brand engagement. When customers are having fun, they become more interested and invested in your company. Thus, an interactive marketing display could really help in creating top of mind brand awareness.


How ODM can help?

Here at ODM, we have significant experience in product design, product sourcing and product manufacturing. Want to have your own, unique POS display design? Do not hesitate to contact us today!


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