This promotion by Godiva is a great example of how individual marketing ideas can compliment each other and create a strong marketing campaign. Below we will highlight the crucial elements of this promotional display and how this can be beneficial to any business or brand.

Promotional Display - Effective marketing by Godiva

Promotional Display – Effective marketing by Godiva

Why is this promotional display a prime example of marketing?

  • Professional display: An organised POS display is paramount to drawing in potential customers. Here we can see that Godiva has clear and easy-to-read signs that clearly state what the promotion is. They also include their brand logos, which we know always improves brand recognition. Moreover, their chocolate is clearly on display, so customers know precisely what they are buying. These elements will be extremely effective in catching the eye of customers and alerting them of your offer. Our blogs on POS displays can provide you with more information on how and why displays are important for business.
  • Packaging – Inclusion of premium promotional packaging is another great way to increase your perceived value. Adding value through packaging  means that a customer’s first impression of your product will be that of high quality. This will instantly associate your brand with luxury, improving your brand image. It also increases what they are willing to pay for your products.
  • Premium gift with purchase: A free gift with purchase is a great way to boost sales and gain attention of potential consumers. In this instance, Godiva is offering a branded purse and a complimentary box of chocolates if you purchase 3. This will ensure customer satisfaction as they will feel they are getting good value for money.

Taking all of this into consideration, it is evident that these ideas are effective on their own. But combining them like Godiva has will ensure you have memorable promotional display. Does your business need advice on promotional displays?

Here at ODM, we have significant experience in product design, sourcing and manufacturing. We can help you utilise your 2016 marketing budget in an effective manner. Be sure to check out our ever-expanding gift with purchase and in store display portals in order to find some more similar case studies.

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