Leading healthcare product providers Colgate have recently implemented promotional mugs into their 2016 marketing plans with the use of a free gift with purchase.

Promotional Mugs

Promotional Mugs: Colgate free gift with purchase

As an on-pack promotion consumers are gifted with these brilliant branded ceramic mugs.

Why We Like these Promotional Mugs: 

  • Design variance. This is an important aspect to appeal to certain consumers and can lead to the products becoming a collectors item.
  • Emoji marketingA prime example of brands adapting to reap the benefits of consumer trends.
  • High quality. When offering any promotional product it is essential to make sure its of high quality to align with and help boost brand image.
  • Useful. This is a superb example of a promotional product due to it encouraging use and being relevant to the initial product offering.

Promotional mugs have been used by some of the worlds leading brands:

You may be asking why?

How Promotional Mugs can help accelerate your brand:

  • Boost your brands awareness. Promotional mugs is a superb way to generate some positive word-of-mouth. If integrating your brands logo you can be sure that your brands name will be seen by many.
  • Raise your reputation. If offering as a promotional gift, this can be a great way to heighten reputation and create a perception that can assist with all future endeavours.
  • Stimulate sales. When implemented as a gift with purchase campaign it can be a great way to boost sales by offering additional purchasing incentive.
  • Highlight your product portfolio. This can be a great method to add to your brands product portfolio and enter markets that may not have been initially expected from your brand.

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Here are five drinks promotion case studies that may spark some interest: