Promotional mugs have been used by some of the worlds leading brands:

Here, electronic giants Fortress have teamed up with anime favourites Dr. Slump in order to gift a free promotional mug with purchases over $100 HKD.

promotional mugs

Promotional Mugs – A brilliant tool for Brands

This is a superb method in offering additional purchasing incentive coupling a popular anime series with a high quality promotional product.

Promotional Mugs – How can it help my brand?

  • Boost your brands awareness. Promotional mugs is a superb way to generate some positive word-of-mouth. If integrating your brands logo you can be sure that your brands name will be seen by many.
  • Raise your reputation. If offering as a promotional gift, this can be a great way to heighten reputation and create a perception that can assist with all future endeavours.
  • Stimulate sales. When implemented as a gift with purchase campaign it can be a great way to boost sales by offering additional purchasing incentive.
  • Highlight your product portfolio. This can be a great method to add to your brands product portfolio and enter markets that may not have been initially expected from your brand.

Overall promotional mugs have been proven to be an effective method of promotion by the amount of brands who continue to use it. Lets not forget, you can never have too many mugs!

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