Customised packaging is a brilliant method to help stand out in store. Here is a superb example of custom packaging on show at Cork Airport.

Customised Packaging

Customised Packaging: Inis, Energy of the Sea

Inis are a skincare and beauty brand founded in Ireland. This custom packaging is a great illustration for all brands to take note. It backs their heritage and supports their latest marketing campaign, Energy of the Sea.

Why we like this customised packaging:

  • Backs the brand. This is an excellent example of how to back your brand with the use of promotional packaging. Inis use creative, branded beach huts and integrated cosmetic bags to hold their products.
  • Design and product variance. This is an important aspect to appeal to certain consumers and can lead to the products becoming a collectors item.
  • High quality. When offering any promotional product it is essential to make sure its of high quality to align with and help boost brand image.
  • Useful. This is a superb example of a promotional product due to it encouraging use and being relevant to the initial product offering.

Some of the worlds leading brands have used customised packaging within their marketing campaigns. Here are a few:

You may be wondering how these case studies are relevant to your brand.

How can Customised Packaging can help my brand?

  • Boost sales. Customised packaging is a great way to add value and catalyst additional purchasing incentive. This is a great advantage to promotional products and can be a great tool to stimulate sales.
  • Increase Brand awareness. Custom packaging is a superb way to getting your brand out there and noticed. This is further supported if your packaging can be re-used after opening.
  • Aid with Brand reputation. This is a great way to give back to your customers by offering promotional products that encourage use and are of a high standard.
  • Highlight Product portfolio. Adding to your product offering is a great way to enter new markets and stay relevant. It’s essential to keep expanding as such this is a perfect method to do so.

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