Italian fashion company Furla are currently offering a free gift with purchase each time you buy a pair of their coveted sunglasses. With each purchase from them, you will receive a candy bag USB included in the price as well as the sunglasses. A free gift with purchase can have favourable benefits on companies and brands, so continue reading to find out what these are.

Free gift with purchase by Italian company Furla

Free gift with purchase by Italian company Furla

Why a free gift with purchase can help your business

  • Adding extra value: One of the main reasons why a gift with purchase is an excellent marketing idea is because it makes the purchase more worthwhile. The added value gives customers additional reason to purchase from you and not from your competitors. In this example, Furla have even highlighted the recommended retail price of the gift that is included. Placing this here will help customers rationalise the purchase and feel that they are get their money’s worth.
  • Justification: The promotional USB will definitely help to justify the high price of these sunglasses or any expensive product. Moreover, a free gift with purchase helps to drive sales in the short run by reaching potential customer’s attention.
  • Positive brand image: Being seen as a company that provides more than its competitors will do wonders for your company’s image. With so many brands out there, it is important to stand out from the crowd. Here, Furla are offering an elite present, one that many people will be able to get use out of. This will be seen as very generous by customers, and this in turn will reaffirm a positive brand image.
  • Bring in new customers: Everyone enjoys receiving more than what they expect when it comes to purchases. Whilst these sunglasses on their own may be considered expensive by customers, by adding a free gift with purchase, they become much more value for money. Because of this, it will encourage customers to buy from companies they not have bought from before.

In conclusion, a free gift with purchase provides a great incentive for customers to spend a bit extra in return for a free gift. Why not start thinking about your own gift with purchase promotion? It is sure to have a positive effect on your company!

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