Marketing Budgets are being renewed.   Did you already spend your whole budget for the year?   Does your company have a use it or loose it policy?    ODM advocate maximising your marketing budget by using a mix of promotional products and marketing techniques.

If you have some spare marketing budget now, but do not have an event that you need promotional products for just yet, consider these 2 options:

  • Order early for next year.   Book in sales at pre-Chinese New Year Pricing.  Never ship by air if you want to have a more Greened marketing effort.
  • Think about investing in Purchase with Purchase promotions.   Spend now and you can enjoy the returns later.  We feel this is the ultimate Promotional Products investment opportunity.
marketing budget

marketing budget

Out with the old 2010 Marketing Budget & in with the new 2011 Marketing Budget.  With 2010 coming to it end it is time to spend the last of your marketing budget for the year.

ODM are offering some special deals on Evergreen promotional and marketing products.  If you order these now you can get them before Chinese New Year and use year round.   It is always handy to have some T-shirts or pens in the office for staff and client use.

Please also note that various designs are available, and we can provide you with a full customization of products as required (shape, logo printing, color, etc).  Feel free to contact us in the next following days if you would like to receive an updated quotation including discount.   Some ideas for Generic Promos below….

  • Metal pens
  • Notebook
  • Customized Stress ball
  • PU Key Chain
  • Soft PVC Mouse pad
  • Short Sleeve T-Shirt