Improve business efficiency today with less time and money wasted. All done with warehousing in China! A ton of elements considered in regards to storing goods. For example, security levels, locations, etc. Thus, it is extremely important for companies to have a list of needs when matching capacity needs and warehousing arrangements. This blog will detail the step by step process of warehousing in China and how it is beneficial for your own businesses. 

warehousing in china

Warehousing in China

Warehousing in China Process

Step 1: Warehouse Receiving 

Firstly, businesses will have to find out which warehousing in China services is fully catered to their needs. The ODM Group has its very own warehousing options that we can recommend to clients! Just contact us with code ODM-3473 and we will provide you with the information you need. 

Businesses can start sending their inventory straight to the warehouse once they are found. Always remember to state down the estimated quantities and product types for a much more efficient and timely warehousing process.

warehousing in china

Warehouse Receiving

Step 2: Inspection and Labelling 

Once the client’s inventory is at the doorstep, warehouses will start the inspection. Done to identify and address any underlying issues in regards to the quantities or the quality of the shipment. Additionally, to ensure inventory accuracy which reduces storage and custom clearance costs for clients. 

Furthermore, with the various warehousing in Cchina services, there are plenty of labeling methods used. An example will be barcode labeling on each product given with their own distinct tracking number. Hence, it safeguards the products during the warehouse and picking for transport.

Step 3: Storage 

Most importantly, clients opt for warehouses for the “Storage” option. To keep inventory secure while assuring the low cost and fast speeds for shipment. Warehousing in China does just that! They keep inventory safe with 24/7 security surveillance and even insurance. 

Perfect for companies with products moving in and out every single day as storage usage is calculated on a daily basis. The faster the movement of goods, the lower the rates. Moreover, they are great for companies looking or currently expanding their business. Why? As warehousing in China has plenty of physical space to store the abundance of goods businesses are ordering to meet the growing demand. 

warehousing in china


Step 4: Inventory Management 

Companies that do not reside in China should not worry as much. Warehousing in China has most definitely grown to be much better and more advanced. Presently, technology is all around used to oversee inventory and stock precision. In addition, clients can monitor their stock and replenishment rates almost instantly. 

Companies with the use of E-commerce or platforms can sync their online stores to the warehouse to show the real-time availability of products. Unquestionably a great service to allow customers to know the stock levels before placing their orders online. 

Step 5: Customer Orders 

Services provided by the warehouse also includes the shipment of products to customers after their placement of orders. This serves as a fulfillment center. With the advanced warehousing management in place, the syncing of orders has never been easier. It automatically prevents the repetition of orders, increasing productivity and efficiency. The whole process has become seamlessly integrated!

Step 6: Pick and Pack 

As mentioned in Step 2, unique products are tagged with distinct barcodes. Henceforth, the accuracy of the correct pick and pack order is extremely high. Warehousing in China services includes the packaging methods of product shipments. They are entrusted with picking the correct packaging materials to assure the proper handling of products. Besides, companies can choose the type of packaging they wish to have their products packed as well. Definitely a flexible service. 

warehousing in china

Pick and Pack

Step 7: Shipping 

Typically, the majority of the orders will be shipped out on the day the order is placed. With the vast improvements in warehousing services, the handling capacity and automation make it even faster. Especially so during festive or seasonal periods, where companies do not have to worry about not having their goods sent out.  Additionally, the step where your preferred shipping carriers can be chosen for international shipment.

warehousing in china


Step 8: Tracking and Returns 

Warehousing in China is highly proactive in monitoring all aspects of the shipment ranging from tracking numbers to emails, etc. At times, customers will want their products returned due to mishandling or defective goods. Hence, the returns can be processed by the warehouses too! To prevent the mishandling from happening once again, returned goods are handled with much more scrutiny compared to the first order.

Why Choose Warehousing in China

As seen from the above, Warehousing in China is quite a long procedure. However, it ensures that all goods are accounted for from start to finish. It does reap some benefits, such as:

  • Allowing companies space for development opportunities. With the warehousing services, it reduces the work burden of managing product inventory. Thus, companies are able to place their focus on other aspects of the company for growth and development. 
  • Not only the storage of goods but also additional services. Services include – pallet stocking, 24/7 CCTV Security, Tracking, Labeling, and many more. Considered value for money for the number of services acquired. 
  • Reduced company expenditure. With warehouses, it can be a significant economic benefit for companies. Increased efficiency and effectiveness lead to better storage and delivery options no matter the volume. Hence, avoiding any additional costs from delivering products individually. 

Contact Us 

Centralizing warehousing in China saves your business money, time and gives you peace of mind. Here at ODM, we offer organizations a fully managed package, from the design stage all the way through to global distribution. 

Additionally, we not only specialize in custom promotional merchandise and manufacturing of high-quality products, but we also help evaluate factories through factory visits. Check out our sister website MindSparkz to learn more about product design!

Not sure what you’re looking for? We also provide product brainstorming sessions and quality control inspections. We have previous experience working with business managers to develop a solution that works effectively around your organization’s requirements. Do not hesitate to contact us today to discuss how we can help you set up and deliver a solution that is perfect for you. Moreover, contact us with code ODM-3473 in regards to warehousing in China!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to store products in China?

Whatever industry you belong to, warehousing in China has a wide range of storage and distribution services. You can easily find any warehouse in any city or state of China. Our best advice is to have a list of warehouses and state which warehouse can cater to your needs the most. Always ensure that they can meet your expectations with solutions such as routing to international destinations.

Why should companies choose Warehousing storage?

The cost factor. With the warehousing of products, you simply lower your shipping rates exponentially. The centralization of goods and services allows for managed savings. The whole process is streamlined for optimized management.