Quality control inspections -Defects in mass production can occur – even on production runs for big multinationals with all the checks and controls in place.   We need to recognise the risks and address them as much as possible.     Quality control in China is a critical component of any production, and we are especially careful in our operations in China.

The threat of somebody visiting a factory already pushes factories to improve the quality level of their workmanship since they are aware that failed quality results in cancelled orders. ODM strongly emphasizes inspection of every production before shipment to maintain quality products.   There are a number of key points during production when you can carry out the Quality Control and testing..

  • Factory Audit before awarding business
  • Testing Before production with laboratories
  • QC at start of production
  • QC midway through production
  • Quality checking before shipping out
  • Container Loading inspection.

Keeping it simple…. Clients speak with us and discuss their order specifics and where it is being shipped to, the end customer and the quality levels required.   Some clients and some countries are extremely strict on quality.   Some sacrifice a little quality to get the cheapest price.   Our job is to go to the factory report to clients by way of a highly visual reporting document.   The pictures tell exactly what we see in China, the state of the factory and most importantly the state of the product being inspected.    Then the client makes up his mind on whether to pay the factory and ship or rework the order.   ODM assist as required…

Lets Get Technical – Quality Control inspections in China.

For most consumer goods, the 3 major types of defects are;

  1. Critical defects
  2. Major defects
  3. Minor defects

These proportions vary in function of the product and its market.  When using AQL tables, the 3 areas to decide on are;

  • Lot Size- If you order different products, the quantity of each product is a lot size, and separate inspections should be carried out for each lot. If you ordered only one product, the lot size is your total order quantity.
  • Inspection level- Different inspection levels commands different number of samples to inspect.
  • AQL level- If your customers accept very few defects, you might want to set a lower AQL for both major and minor defects.

The 2 Tables used for AQL measurement;

  • Sample size code letters

    Quality Control Inspections in China

    Quality Control Inspections in China

This table tells you which code letters to use, giving you the sample size with the maximum numbers of defects that can be accepted.

Following this example, assuming the lot size comprises between 3,201pcs and 10,000pcs, and that your inspection level is 2 (Normal). Hence, the code letter is “L”.

  • Single sampling plans for normal (level II) inspection

With the given code letter, 200pcs have to be drawn randomly from the total lot size- assuming that AQL have been set at 2.5% for major defects and 4.0% for minor defects.

Quality Control Inspections in China

Quality Control Inspections in China

Should the products be accepted, the limits are- No more than 10 major defects and, no more than 14 minor defects are found.  Eg.

  • If 15 major defects and 12 minor defects are found, the products have to be refused.
  • If 3 major defects and 7 minor defects are found, they can still be accepted.

Choose the right AQL levels for your quality control in China and you will maintain the right quality levels at the right price.