Product storage, reconditioning, consolidation and shipping are key to the fulfillment of any order. This is of particular importance when multiple shipments are leaving China to various destinations around the world. ODM work with a number of warehouse fulfillment agents in China. Together, we group shipments and deliver to various locations.

Product Storage

Product Storage

Benefits of storing goods in a centralized location:

Cost-saving: Instead of companies shipping products from China to their home market and then dispatching around the world, we do this directly. This saves both time and money. This is especially valuable if you plan on selling to the Asian market as it removes the need for costly ‘back-and-forth’ international shipments.

Efficient: We store products in a standard warehouse rack so workers can easily pick out items. Each shelf level can be subdivided into a few unit locations with a code assigned to it. Next, items will be selected, packed and mailed out to clients immediately. This is based on the location code.

ODM’s warehousing partners in China ensure:

  • All product storage is safe and insured
  • Warehousing facilities are state-of-the-art
  • Technology and innovation in the inventory storage, distribution management, and shipping logistics industry

Aside from the traditional warehouse utility, other services also include:

  • Product assembly and quality inspection pre-shipment
  • Labeling/barcode technology
  • Product refurbishing and repacking from multiple factories
  • Consolidation and deconsolidation of shipments
  • Transportation services
  • Product receiving

Our Buying Office in China takes care of this order fulfillment process for key clients. This is a very important part of our service to MNCs.

Storing your promotional goods in China is a cost-effective move which cuts out a lot of unnecessary transit and the costs tied to this. ODM is confident in the warehouses we have partnered with. As a team, we can ensure the continued maintenance of your products as well as rapid and affordable distribution.

Do you think that your business could benefit from ODM’s product storage and consolidation services? Feel free to place an inquiry today!

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