In April 2018, ODM Group had set up our latest buying office in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. As such, we now have a list of both credible China and Vietnam suppliers. We will now walk you through a typical process of getting Vietnam factories samples here at ODM.

The first step is sourcing and contacting the product brief to suitable Vietnam suppliers. Next, we will have Vietnam suppliers send us images of similar stock samples. Once we have checked that the sample images are matching to our product brief and target price, we will forward the information to our Sales team. This will generally take us 1 to 2 days and another 1 to 2 days to receive feedback from Sales team. After receiving the ‘OK’ feedback, we will finally proceed with asking Vietnam suppliers to send samples to our office in District 3. Delivery generally takes around 1 to 3 days depending on the location of the Vietnam factories.

Vietnam Factories Samples

Vietnam Factories Samples

Above is a sample set (of 5 pieces) for one of our clients’ backpack order. It was delivered from our supplier in Ho Chi Minh City.

For getting samples locally in Vietnam, we use local couriers such as Grab and Vietnam Post. For instance, the above delivery was done with Grab and delivered to our doorstep. As for nearby delivery such as the above, transportation will cost around US $1 to $3. For delivery from further regions in the North and Center of Vietnam, transportation cost can range from US $5 to $10.

Vietnam Factories Samples bag

Vietnam Factories Samples bag

Next, we will conduct quality inspection of the samples. Subsequently, we will send the feedback of the samples to our Sales team. Once Sales team gives the green light, we will send the samples over to our Sales team in China. For this, we use various couriers such as DHL, TNT, UPS, SF China, etc.

That’s it! The process of getting Vietnam factories samples is not very difficult. However, there are some difficulties we do face.

  • Not enough product details from Client (Logo size, Target price, etc.): Takes up a lot of time to clarify and make proposal with suppliers for matching price/ style/ dimensions.
  • Big Quantity & Very tight Estimated Time Departure: Very high sample cost.
  • Not sure if client would pay for sample cost if they end up not ordering from the supplier.

Nonetheless, we are constantly learning and improving on our business efficiency with each orders we received. Here at ODM, we are always ready to assist you in manufacturing your own custom promo gift, marketing gifts for your next business brand campaign! We also conduct factory visits from time to time to make sure that the quality of your products are consistent with client’s requirements.


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