Kotex welcomes shoppers in Co.op Extra, one of the biggest supermarkets in Ho Chi Minh City, with its LED POS Display Despite a massive array of products, the LED custom display by Kotex certainly catches the attention of consumers easily. The brilliance behind is the usage of LED lights – a glimpse from one’s peripheral vision – can effortlessly draw consumers to check what is there.

Take a closer look at the marketing LED display and you will see how Kotex advertise and promote its product line!

Utilizing LED Custom Display To Spark Curiosity -Example by Kotex

Utilizing LED Custom Display To Spark Curiosity – Example by Kotex


This Kotex pad is made using 9 different kinds of herbs. By using the color green and floral prints on POS display, it conveys clearly the message the brand is getting across.

Utilizing LED Custom Display By Kotex And More To Spark Curiosity (2)

Kotex Nature Backdrop


Similarly, Kotex uses rain droplets, directed at the pad, to indicate that it is high-absorbent. It also placed different sizes of pads on display to present consumers the opportunity to have first-hand touch and look before purchasing. This certainly increases consumer trust for brands!

Utilizing LED Custom Display By Kotex And More To Spark Curiosity (3)

Kotex Calm Backdrop


Why We Love This LED Custom Display?

  • Realistic – An actual display of the actual product can give consumers reassurance of the quality before purchase. This ensures every penny spent is worthwhile. Moreover, it sheds a positive light on the brand as it is bringing convenience to consumer’s buying decision.
  • Increased Visibility – The use of lights brighten up things up for consumers roaming in the supermarket. If consumers did not intend to purchase sanitary pads initially, they might end up buying after learning more about the product through informative POS display.
  • Greater Customer Loyalty – Consumers will put their faith into these brands that constantly comes up with new ideas to promote their quality promotional products. Hence, this will encourage repeat purchases and increase traction in sales.


Besides Kotex, brands like Unicharm Diana uses a cardboard POS display to exhibit its various types of product line available.

Utilizing LED Custom Display By Kotex And More To Spark Curiosity (4)

Cardboard POS Display By Unicharm Diana


It is certainly a simple yet cost-effective method of marketing!

Utilizing LED Custom Display By Kotex And More To Spark Curiosity (4)

Types of Pads


Overall, it is necessary to heighten up your marketing strategies to best suit the type of marketing your brands such as on-pack gift sets, anniversary promos, movie marketing etc.

At ODM, we specialize in manufacturing and creating simple and bespoke packaging design and POS display units that will certainly help you in your next promotional project. Feel free to send your inquiry today!

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What is Store Display Marketing?

Store Display Marketing is exactly what its name suggests, which is the usage of POP and POS display in stores as marketing material to promote the product that is on the display.

How can Store Display Marketing help in businesses?

1. Realism - Allowing potential consumers to view and interact with the product before making their purchase decision can help to increase the likelihood of purchase. 2. More Awareness - Displaying the products on a display set allows them to steal the limelight and stand out amongst the crowd of competitors, and capture passer-by's attention. 3. Creativity - Incorporating unique and creative ways to market your product will help to build brand awareness and recognisability.