Most cosmetic brands use custom makeup display to further boost their sales. This is because this tactic allows for better brand positioning in stores where there are hundreds of brands competing. Max Factor, a makeup brand since 1909, is one of those brands that had success with using custom makeup display to showcase their products.

Custom Makeup Display by Max Factor Promotes Brand Interaction

Custom Makeup Display by Max Factor Promotes Brand Interaction

What Makes this Custom Makeup Display by Max Factor a good in-store display?

  • One thing that draws the attention of consumers to the display is the huge and lighted area for print advertising. The brand used the space to inform the public of its newest promotions and products.
  • Another strong point of this custom makeup display is the fact that all products are accessible. Consumers may see, touch, feel, and try the products. This satisfies the curiosity of the customers which eventually, may lead to a purchase.
  • The free standing display unit presents the beauty products neatly. It’s very organised and products are given equal exposure.
  • Max Factor’s logo is noticeable even from a great distance- great way to establish brand and call attention within busy retail stores.
  • The mirror in the custom makeup display allows customers to see how the sample product blends with their skin. This way, shoppers can decide whether they want the product.
Custom Makeup Display by Max Factor Promotes Brand Interaction

Custom Makeup Display by Max Factor Promotes Brand Interaction

Benefits of using a POS display

  • Effectively convey messages even without a staff member – As seen on Max Factor’s POS display, without the help of a sales staff, the customer will automatically see the products that are on sale.
  • Improves product appeal – Customers will be more attracted to the products if you create a good-looking display. As a result, people will more likely to buy them.

Overall, a custom makeup display can help your brand grow in many ways. It allows you to develop a creative marketing strategy that’s effective and worthwhile.

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