This smart board display could be used as a core technology for Complex POS Displays.  ODM are always looking for marketing innovation options for our business partners to augment their promotions and visibility in store.

We found this at the Canton Fair (Phase 1) and we like the functionality. High tech interactive boards can be used to deliver and gather data to really drive intellegent marketing campaigns. It is great for video advertising in stores/malls and video demonstration at trade fairs.

Smart Board Display: Multi functional Marketing Solutions

Smart Board Display: Multi functional Marketing Solutions

Before we get too much stuck into the tech, check out some real case studies for POS display ideas with videos.   Shop windows are a new battle ground.

There is a growing need for smart board display in various fields of business, like sales, operations, distributions, and promotions. Its visibility is everywhere – inside a mall, in school, conference room, and in the streets.

Smart Board Display: Multi functional Marketing Solutions

Smart Board Display: Multi functional Marketing Solutions

Since competition is tough, one needs to tap the potential of new technology to stand-out.

Why should you choose smart board display?

Here are some of its awesome features;

  • Touchscreens / Digital Pen
  • Gadget-Friendly
  • Smart TV feature
  • Front Projection
  • Portable
  • Black and White color
  • Interactive Plasma Display
  • Interactive panels
  • Bluetooth Tablets
  • USB connected
Smart Board Display: Multi functional Marketing Solutions

Smart Board Display: Multi functional Marketing Solutions

Smart Board Display – What’s the deal?

User-Friendly: You can use the board to access the applications on your connected gadget (e.g Laptop, tablet, iPad & notebook), presentations, run videos, and play advertisements multimedia clips without having to use a keyboard.

High Technology: Works as a Smart TV users can play videos, movies, TV shows, and access photos and other content from the Web. Customers can pass the time watching movies, satellite TV channels and movies from the USB. Marketing managers can set up the smart board at high traffic places such as subways, malls, hospitals and shopping streets.

Front Projection:  For you to be able to project the image/videos from your computer screens, you need to connect the projector via USB Cable. This is great for office presentations and trade shows.

Wise Marketing Investment: Smart boards are a practical investment. You can save a bit because there is no need for you to always buy a marker. It comes with a marker that can change colors. Premium quality and durable, the smart board can be used for different projects- great alternative to billboards and tarpaulins.

Smart board displays are easy to use, and they aid in communicating your brand message in an entertaining way. However, such products would require huge marketing budget, so this is not necessarily ideal for small and medium ventures. For companies with limited budget, custom LED display such as this one below can can be a good alternative:

Here, Magnum promoted their new line of ice cream flavors with a LED display. With the LED display positioned near the window, passersby can easily see what the shop has to offer.

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For more Marketing Ideas;

With the competition getting tougher by the day, it’s important to captivate your audience from the get-go.

One of the best ways to keep your audience interested is through video marketing.

Just recently we visited Cosmoprof Asia, the largest gathering of cosmetics merchants and key players in the cosmetics supply chain.

Spot any Smart Board Displays for POS?

Our team over that the Promo Gift Blog are always looking for case studies.  Ping over a picture and let them know your thoughts.